September 3, 2009

I ♥ Halftone + lots of other news

I've been really motivated lately to create a line of illustrated t-shirts. It would be great to have some more time and really explore my love of silkscreening! Andy and I have been working on adding to our printmaking materials in the apartment/studio.

Here are some soon to be available tees ...


OH SNAP! {Holga edition}
{RolliFlex edition coming soon}


THE AFTER PARTY {incomplete}

In other news ...

I have some custom sneakers available on Etsy. I am new to Etsy, and am not sure how long I'll continue with it - but if you are interested in me making you a fancy-schancy pair of custom kicks, I'd be more than happy to oblige.

Andy has a book deal! I am very happy for him - he's going to be producing a fantastic How-To book for comic artists + graphic novelists! (Some of my comic art + thumbnails from steam-punk epic Pirates of Mars will be included - I am humbled ...)

HUGE pat on the back to Alex! It's been a banner year for our buddy Alex B - his fab cartoon "Baman + Piderman" is a favorite of Kevin + Olivia from Attack of the Show and has been featured on the program! (Kevin even had a CAKE made with Piderman...) AND he nabbed himself a super cool chick

.... ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ ....
Congrats on your engagement Alex & Lindsay!
.... ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ . ✩ ....

Visited the new Japanese markets that opened to replace Kotobukiya - but none of them have magazines... I am very sad.


  1. Oh wow! Those are totally awesome designs. I love the deer one but if you make a giraffe one I'll totally buy one :P

  2. OMG! I'm so excited for the tees (especially the NES LOVE)! & those shoes are awesome~ I'm totally in love with the owl ones & wtf!? they're my size ;) I'm thinking I might just buy myself an early bday present <3

  3. It's cool seeing your new Etsy shop! I'm looking forward to seeing all the custom kicks you make. I *heart* Etsy~

    I adoreeee the Holga design! Oh snapp!

  4. I like the after party so far XD so cool! Hope you do well on the Ts =)

  5. Thanks for the kind words! I hope my transfer sheets get here soon - need to start printing!

  6. LOVE the after party one
    you should submit it to ! more people will be able to see it then!

  7. Anonymous8.9.09

    Great first pics!