October 17, 2009

♥ Engaged in NYC ♥

The Flatiron Building
our spot is now a lovely sitting area

I often wonder how personal I should make my illustration blog. Should moduslotus.com maintain an air of professionalism and only blog about new work and dedication to craft? Well, whatever! Let's not think too much!

Andy & I are engaged!

And I wanted to share that with you ♥

Friday morning, Andy went to a meeting with some editors at Marvel while I spent a few hours with my great friend Misha.

Misha is one of my favorite people - one of her talents is being a master storyteller - she can begin with an anecdote and have you completely dying in a few minutes. We went to Saint Alps Tea House near St. Mark's for strawberry tea and tiny coconut cakes.

Hanging out in Manhattan with them always makes me nostalgic for my college days at School of Visual Arts - before loans and health insurance! We walked down St. Mark's to Toy Tokyo and then to Cozy's Diner.

After parting from Misha in Union Square, we went to Brooklyn to meet up with Liz Artinian and see Too Art 4 TV! an amazing gallery of illustration works done by people in the animation industry. So inspiring!

Liz took us back to Manhattan to visit Venture Industries. Okay, it's actually World Leader's Entertainment, the fab production studio behind Adult Swim's "The Venture Brothers". She is generous to a fault, and super cool. ★ Be sure to see the season premier of season 4 this Sunday!

Andy and I made our way back to the Flatiron building - the skinny, triangular building in the wedge where East 23rd St. becomes West and Broadway crosses Park. It's our spot. ♥

THE RED BOX : Back when we were dating, Andy and I lived in two different states - NY and MA, and we would meet at the red newspaper box in the little triangle median strip. Now, that area is completely torn up and paved over, and in it's place is a charming sitting area. We bought this print from Ikea, which just serendipitously HAD out red news box in the photo! Now it's above our bed.

After getting some hot apple cider and sugar waffles, we looked up at the Empire State Building together and he proposed! ♥

I said yes, and it's been a full 24 hours and I'm still pretty sure I'm about this thing! Haha, I kid.

TOY TOKYO // St. Mark's Place

Shopping with Misha on 3rd Ave

COZY'S FAMOUS // Waverly Place

Saint Alps Tea Room

on 2nd Ave with Misha

2 ART 4 TV
Erebuni Gallery, Brooklyn

The Chrysler // Grand Central Terminal


  1. Congrats, congratssssss so sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Did you cry?! :D. Obviousaly you said yes!! I love your ring~ it's so classic :D

    Side note. The tea room's mugs make me feel nostalgic b/c those are the same mug type my Dad would drink from every day.

    Trip looks great~ so much eye candy!

  2. Awwwww honey!!! Congraaaaats!!!!! I'm so happy for you :D I love the story behind your engagement!

    The trip looks amazing and fun!

  3. OMGOMGOMG! Congrats! & wow what a romantic little story <3 awwww!! lol i feel so excited for you right now, i can't imagine how you're feeling :p

    p.s. be as personal as you want with your blog & thanks for sharing your happy, HAPPY!! news with us :)

  4. Congratulations to you both! Two of my favorite people gettin' hitched - and to each other! YOWZA!! A champagne toast is in order!!! ;D

  5. congratulations! :)

  6. Thank you so much!

  7. Congratulations~ You're a little storyteller yourself :D I was reading, waiting for you to finally get to the proposal part of your story, haha~ A side note, I think you should keep this blog the way it is, I like how it's a mix of your work plus personal life, it adds to the pieces you put up because we get to learn about your personality as well :D

  8. The ring is beautiful! Congrats again! :D

    Also, I LOVE TOY TOKYO!!! And it's right near Video Games New York, which sells used video games going all the way back to the 70s. Sometimes I go to both places in a fit of nerdiness. ;)

  9. OH ALSO:

    Small present for you on my blog. :)

  10. engaged???


    whooopieeee! xx

  11. Thanks!!

    And thanks to Elizabeth for the Beautiful Blogger award - yay!

  12. Congrats Veronica! I love the ring and gasp your fingers are perfect too! I wish my fingers was as skinny as yours so I can fit into cute rings at F21 since always size 8's are always out!

  13. *SQUEALS* I see DOMO-KUN!!! and the photos are all lovely.. those buildings are so colourful!! <3

  14. congratulations again!
    and omg must have that mickey mouse kubrick!