October 29, 2009

Meat Puppets rock poster

finished poster // 12 x 18 // prints available at Boston's SPACE 242 Dec.1st

 Andy and I are going to SPACE 242's Halloween illustration show + costume party, and then Harvard Scare! with some friends on Friday.  We talked about lots of costume possibilities, like Green Hornet + Kato, Nancy Drew + Ned Nickerson, and (my personal fave) Hank + Dean Venture.   I'm not sure why these great ideas fell through, we have a tendency to put off fun things in favor of working.  It'll be nice to get out of the studio!


  1. The poster looks wonderful completed! I unfortunately have to work on Halloween so I'm just going as a black cat ^^;; I dig the Nancy Drew costume idea, it sounds fun~

  2. Lovely poster =)

    Isn't halloween great? ;D have fun you two!

  3. Love it!! Really cool (cool band too). Did they give you the concept, or did you have creative freedom?

  4. Thank you!

    Actually this was done for a specific show that asked artists to choose any 90's band and create 3 mock up posters.

    Hopefully the real Meat Puppets are cool with this (very) limited run! (Just 4 will be made)

  5. You guys look great! hahahah