October 12, 2009


an homage to Dario

Have you seen Dario Argento's Suspiria? It's one of my favorite movies, simply because it's intensely colorful and artistically photographed. (And apparently it's going to be remade?...hmm)

Is it genius? No. Sometimes the plot makes no sense and characters are introduced randomly with little explanation, but the cinematography is gorgeous!

the remastered French trailer + international poster art

Jessica Harper, who was also in the Woody Allen movie "Stardust Memories", is one of those actresses that is just interesting to look at - with her large eyes, mature voice and tiny frame, is almost constantly in close-up. The dubbing is strange - since half the actors are German, another half Italian, and then just Jessica speaking English basically to herself.

Joan Bennett is in it too, which is interesting because I first saw her in the 1945 film
"Scarlet Street". If you haven't seen it, you should! She plays a prostitute that seeps her way into a man's life only to destroy him. Only now, in the 1970s she is much older but still speaks like a '40s actress who has to say her lines very loudly, since the sound recording was primitive when she was coming up in Hollywood.

Yes, I do love movies and yammering on about them .... anyway! Back to the studio!

I'll leave you with some fantastic music by DJ Shadow to get you ready for Halloween.


  1. You've got the Halloween Freaky going on! :D I like the new layout - it's still light on the eyes and lovely! :D

  2. Yeah Suspiria is, like I've said before, balletically horrible: strikingly filmed as well as grotesque.

    I like the image inspired by the film.

  3. omg how have I not seen this?? it looks so creeeepy!!! and visually stunning. I have to rent this. Your piece is gorgeous, btw!

  4. Thanks for the kind words! I love the gigantic 70s hair in the movie, too. Alison, you should get a Lorraine Newman hairdo

  5. Wow I really really like this piece!! print trade!

  6. i will definitely add that to my to watch list
    im a typical, rom-com type of girl but im trying to expand my horizons a bit
    but yeah, i love the starry eyed type of girl. never know what those eyes are hiding ;)