October 25, 2009

Your lovely calavera

As my last post was apple-overload, I thought I'd switch to lovely, lovely skulls.
Here is the latest drawing to be made in to rock poster #2.

Can you guess the band it's for?  Probably a tough question since there isn't enough information yet.  (But if you'd like a hint, there will be some white marionette strings added in then it's all done ... )

In my spare time I've been playing the über awesome GRIM FANDANGO - an amazingly crafted game by Lucas Arts.  The design of the characters is just the cat's jammies, and if you can't find the game anywhere, I reccomend at least downloading the fantastic soundtrack - you won't regret it!  ♫♪♫♪

a sampling of my favorite tracks

It's times like this I wish I had some Mexican heritage that would let me in on some awesome Dia des los Muertos celebrations!  Andy and I have long collected Mexican art books and Oaxacan trinkets, so it was really fun for me to go to a specifically Day of the Dead store in Houston, TX last March.  

the mantle in our living room

Skull patches from a store in NYC's Garment District.
These make me want to go to Dead People Academy.


  1. Hey Veronica!

    Do you know the store Nomad in Cambridge? It's an awesome store and they do a big deal every year for Day of the Dead. They make altars and candy skulls and sell Mexican stuff. I also do an altar every year in my house with the DOD stuff I brought from Mexico. I will give you a piece of some wonderful fabric "Paseo de los muertos" that I bought on line this year--you can use it under your Day of the Dead stuff. I'll leave the fabric at the Museum tomorrow.


  2. Awesome poster! But I can't guess who the band is hahaha I was thinking Franz Ferdinand in my head but then... that wouldn't be right.

  3. aw so nice, it's halloween themed!
    i dont know what im doing for it ! :( dfinitely no costume thus far though

  4. I think we're going to grab a bunch of crap from around the apartment and put it in a utility belt, add a cape and go as discount superheroes!

    Yes, Joan I have been there! I love that place!

  5. I love your skull illustration! God woman - your rock posters are killer!! And I love your festive mantle! :)