December 19, 2009

Culture concentrated

sketch for current project proposal

Hope you're all keeping warm!  My hands are so freezing lately I just hold my tea cup until it gets cold again! I'm working on some great projects lately, but sadly that means working in my studio ... the coldest room in the apartment!  Yeesh...  I set up a small heater underneath the table so it burns my feet to a nice roast but my hands are STILL LIKE ICE.

But it's okay - I can live out my Bob Cratchit fantasy.

I was meeting my dad for dinner at Harry's and was able to convince him to come with me to Showa University's Culture Day.  Showa Boston is the US branch of the Tokyo women's university.  The students go all out decorating all 10 wings and both hallways.  It was where I met my good friend Yuka!

please to enjoy some J-mas music

\\ Some photos of Showa's Culture day in Brookline //


 My dad killed it in the Poke-toss

Shin-chan {creator in memorium}

Hanako's Ghost {on left - she haunts bathrooms} 
+ kids attempting to pick up rice




  2. Oh, my, god! I miss watching these cartoons!!
    Awesome pics")

  3. Amazing photos! They really worked hard decorating. :)

  4. Oooh that looks like fun!

  5. Everyone there is super nice :) All we did in school was a lame winter carnival where you competed in a checkers tournament or something.

  6. That looks really fun! I wish colleges here did something like that ^^;; It's cool that you could convince your dad to go too, I like to bring my dad with me to a lot of art stuff (when I actually go ._.).

  7. HAHA action bastard. I LOVE IT!! can i has one for my wall?!

  8. Ah I love your sketch can't wait to see the end result!

  9. Nothing makes you feel weird with chills like warm feet & freezing hands!

    OMG Domo entrance!!!

    Wow, decorating must have taken days not including just cutting out all the petals & snowflakes & such! Really special :D