December 13, 2009

Little Things

cocoa onsen

Christmas always gets me excited!  I love seasonal candies like peppermint bark + French vanilla cocoa, getting gifts for people and putting a new string of colored lights up in the living room.

     I really love trying to find weird, bizarre gifts for people, and hopefully my weird, bizarre friends enjoy getting them. {ALISON} Of course, the friends who weren't interested in keychains of Kewpie mayonnaise or dancing robot pencil sharpeners are decidedly lame and we gradually stopped swapping gifts.  They got tired of the forced smiling and figuring out what to do with getting bacon floss or whatever.  Oh well!

our tree this year

    Andy and I had a great weekend, between our 4 favorite restaurants we can kind of sample most of the world.  Which is great - since I can't really cook anything that requires more steps than boiling water.  Speaking of boiling water - I seem to be perpetually cold again this year, so I took a hot bath with some Japanese onsen powder.

I assumed this stuff would turn me into a Batman villian, but alas, it did not.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Our cat Basil has been bored lately.  He even started scratching up the garment bag that holds my wedding gown.  Yeeek!  He needs a friend.  We're looking at getting a second cat; but I think in our hearts we really want a puppy.  Maybe in the new apartment, 2010! 

★ Many thanks to Teddy for sending me photos of the Gallery 1988 opening including my section of works on paper. 


  1. OMG I totally want to be the girl in the hot cocoa! I am presently wearing 6 layers of clothing and I'm still cold!! Congrats on the Gallery 1988 opening! What a fantastic turnout and your pieces look amazing!
    Now who are these weird friends you speak of?
    ha ha!! ;D

  2. I want a hot cocoa bath! How adorable. <3

    Congrats congrats congrats on all of your recent openings and happenings - everything looks great!!

  3. Hot cocoa bath! I'd totally eat the marshmallows and wallow in the chocolate all day~

    Speaking of baths - that neon green bath looks radioactive hahahaha.

  4. great tree
    and lol at the cat comment
    puppies and kittens i both like yes yes

    great drawing btw :D

  5. Oh my, I'd be worried about turning into the joker in that bath as well! Love the drawing, so cute! Did you get that little snowman / penguin from a quarter machine? I think I have one from the NJ turnpike! Congrats on the show!

  6. Thanks for the kind words!

    I thought I'd bet half my face burned or become a penguin, but instead it just made me smell like flowers.

    Paperelle - yes! They are from toy machines!!

  7. Peppermint bark!!! Yes, it's not xmas until I've eaten at least 1 entire bar! :D
    Bacon floss!? WTF! THATS AWESOME, W/E TO YOUR FRIENDS! lol. I used to have friends who just gave gift cards *snoooooooooore zzzzzzz* it was BORING exchanging gifts with them. Give me a pooping jelly bean reindeer over a Pier 1 $10 gift card ANY day.

    Hahahahaaa there are a lot of toxic green colored salts, I don't get it! I had an apple one that was that color and it was so bizarre bathing in.

  8. congrats on the show! i hate how much work is put into gallery shows... kudos for what looks like a super successful party :D

    and where did you get your tree decorations? they are so cute!!!

  9. Thanks for the kind words :)

    Becca - I hate all the math that goes into gallery shows, haha - we once hung a show that was on an UNEVEN floor - so I was COMPLETELY off my rocker trying to find the right height for the nails :O