February 11, 2010

Inky Bits

ABOVE : inking demonstrations from the adult "Pen & Ink" class recently 
BELOW : demonstration for teen "Drawing Darkly" class at the museum

\\ ART RANT //

Some people are under the misconception that artistic talent is something you have to be born with - and if you don't have it you're a terrible artist and will never be good.  That's a crazy excuse!

You can become good at anything you put time and effort into.  Right out of college, I was intimidated by everybody in the professional world. I thought in order to be successful, I had to walk the same career path as artists I admired.

I thought things like : "I didn't win a Society of Illustrators Gold when I was 20, so I'm a failure"  WHAT?!  How silly! {click to hear} My teen students will put down a single line on paper and say "*tsk* I RUINED IT."  Here I was, fresh out of college at 21, and basically acting the same way!

I was putting up my own barriers - and it hurt my progress!  I realized I was at my happiest and most productive when I didn't worry about if what I was doing was genius.  We have to recognize our accomplishments and be happy at how we've grown creatively.  I think this applies to any field!

If you have ever felt like you'll never be good enough at something - stop that nonsense right now!


  1. wow very cool i like

  2. I agree. It's hard seeing other people produce amazing work and compare yourself to them Sometimes you just have to tell yourself "shut up and draw!" What kind of ink are you using? These remind me of sumi paintings.

  3. Lovely inkyinky work!

    I always had people come up to me ask about "How To Draw?" but it's all about developing your own style and it comes from your own practice and practice and practice! GO FOR CONFIDENCE!


  4. Great advice! But I find it so hard to stop that nonsense when everything I doesn't seem to help me improve DDDDD:

  5. It's hard not to get down on it - but it's worth it once you do!