March 5, 2010

Spring shoot

♥ I was very honored to receive a cultural grant recently to publish a new style magazine I worked on last fall. Thank you WCC!  ♥

My schedule can in no way accommodate art directing a magazine right now, let alone feel comfortable putting up a few grand to get it started.  (The grant is on a reimbursement basis, meaning I pay for everything myself, then wait a long time for the grant, which will be taxed income, but oh well.)

♥ Thank goodness for talented friends! - outsourcing the street photography and studio shoots to some super awesome colleagues.  I'll be doing the art direction, design work and editing the publication, as well as doing the illustration spreads. So Amy + friends... expect a call from me... ; )

We can consider this a teaser trailer, since it won't be out until early summer.  After all - I'm knee deep in Pirates!   But I thought I'd post some behind-the-scenes shots of our recent shoot. Thanks to the Worcester Art Museum + Jeff Baker Studios.

The model is my good friend Jess, I sketched her a little while back at her dinner party! Isn't she beautiful!

We listened to some a recent mix I made for Misha 
Passion Pit included - since lately I'm obsessed  ...

I'll have the professionally-shot photos coming soon - those are much lovelier than my little point-and-shoot!

In a few hours I'll get to the set for round two.  We're shooting some free-trade items from Egypt and India! More on that soon ...


  1. photoshoots always makes me feel super cool when in reality I'm not haha! Congrats on the grant! Time to spend it on some cheesebrgers! Nom nom nom!

  2. Haa I wish Becca! I can't spend a cent of the money on anything but the publication!

    Since I'm so busy, it really has to be put on hold ... :/ ah well

  3. That trench coat is pretty amazing. :D

  4. That's really exciting! Good luck with everything!

  5. Congrats on the grant!!! It's good you have some support with this & your friend Jess is an adorable doll XDD

  6. Thanks for the kind words!