February 9, 2010

Talking Knitting Eating Sketching

Jessica opening sugar cubes box

I had lamented previously about being a hermit in order to commit myself to freelance illustration.  Well sometimes life picks you up, gives you a good glove-slap and says, "Stop this silly nonsense!"
{Life is apparently an English gentlemen}

After a long day, Andy and I were getting some Italian food when my friend Jess called. She invited me to a painting/sketchbook session at her place, and it ended up being a great night of home-made Indian paneer, absinthe tasting and laughing until our eyes were teary. It was the first time we had hung out in 11 {ELEVEN, count 'em} 11 YEARS!

I've been so lucky this month to have dinner with two people I grew up with.  Two people who represent a different chapter of my early child life - it's strangely harmonizing to see both of them so well traveled and mature.

Nate's sister is knitting

Sadie, the biggest dog I've ever seen + artist hands

So I'm sitting here trying to think of the appropriate bridge between internet annoniminininity and dinner with old friends .... but I can't ... so here, for your consideration!

I haven't publicized this yet only because I wasn't exactly sure what I'd do with it - but if you like to ask me something anonymously, you can do just that, and I promise no one with judge you for it.  Well, I may judge you for it - but no much.
Have a good week!

peppermint tea in handmade Sri Lankan mug! {Thanks, Faith!}


  1. Anonymous9.2.10

    The little bit of colored hatching adds so much to these. The first sketch is definitely my favorite.

  2. Wow knowing someone for more than eleven years, and being able to spend time with them after such a long time, that is really something. Actually makes me kind of jealous. Besides my family I haven't anyone close to me that I would know for so long. (:

  3. HA HA -- Yes Life IS an English gentleman. Why is that?

  4. I *love* the colors you used!!! O_O

  5. I love the artist's hands~~~

    How is absinthe?? I've always wanted to try it but it's always balls out expensive D:

  6. I love your drawings~ They are so pretty~~
    WOW...eleven years...I haven't seen some of my friends in 12 years, but..they live in Sweden... ;______;

  7. Your sketches are beautiful!!!!

  8. Thanks for the kind words!

    Running into people from my past has happened before - but usually we're so different our time as friends is kind of over. It

    's so nice when it works out the opposite!

  9. I like the knitting one :D