February 23, 2010

Your Opinion Matters to Us

No, really, it does

{Andy is going to laugh at me and say "Oh Geezus, just make a decision!" but with the wedding and whatnot, I'm hesitant to spend anything I don't really have to.} I'm having a super hard time trying to decide if I should switch to a Mac in light of a great new deal.  Can you help me?

Weighing in at under 2lbs, bought only a year ago on Friday the 13th, my all white PC laptop


- 1.6GHz 
- Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile T2330
- 2GB DDR2, 200GB, DVDRW
- Windows Vista Premium
- 15.4" LCD

PROS // Never had a single infection 
               if I sell it now it will get a good price
CONS // No webcam or mic
               Isn't picking up the net outside the apt.


Too cool for school, ultra sleek, suddenly on sale for $799

APPLE MacBook MC207LL/A!
- Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor 2.26GHz
- 2GB DDR3-1066 SDRAM
- 250GB 5,400RPM Hard Drive
- Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
- 13.3"
- Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

PROS // It's freaking AWESOME
CONS // Should I really switch OS right now if my 
               laptop is in great shape?

Anyway, I know it's border-line insane to obsess about this, but I thought I'd ask you guys!  
I have experience with Macs, so wouldn't be a shock switching, but will it really make me more productive? 
Or should I put this money into freelance self-promotion over the summer?  Thanks!


  1. I think you should get the Mac. The OS is so much smoother and you will get use to it very quickly!

  2. I hate macs, but if you are mac minded, get that thing, $799 is a steal!

  3. I'm sorry I'm a bargain girl, I'd take the MAC (although I'd go ghetto on its ass & install Windows on it :D)

  4. I'd sell the vaio for a bigger price than the mac, and then buy the mac with money left over. I have a mac, so i'm biased but, macs are a lot better. Definitely better than my pc was.

  5. Anonymous23.2.10

    Get the MAC for cryin' out loud! If you don't get it you'll be kicking yourself everytime I'm working on mine! I do have to say-- I'm working twice as fast on this MAC than I ever did on my PCs.

  6. If the Vaio is still working fine, stay with that. The only difference between Macs and Pcs is that Macs screw up in hipper looking ways (and I like using either)

    However, I do need to get a Mac so where did you see it for that price? :)

  7. TT^TT I own that laptop, the mac. I paid the original price :( I say go with it. I used mine and have used the well.

  8. Thanks so much for the input guys, I'm sure I'm being a basket case about this, haha

    Andy! You came through for me! :)

  9. hands down macbook FTW!!! don't worry about switching OS, it's a small learning curve. I LOVE MY SHORTCUTS TOO MUCH TO GO BACK TO PC NAO <3

  10. OOOOOOOH you meant laptop...yeah get a mac :S
    I've had too many problems with PC laptops. I have a HP it was cheap and strong, but it had overheating issues. Not sure if the Sony's do too but you should look into that.

    The overheating can cause the pc to shutdown unexpectedly and lose your work. Sure you can by a cooling pad, but it does get really annoying.

    spend the money get the mac!!

  11. If the Vaio is still going strong, I say stay with that. Also do you mind going from a 15 inch down to a 13?

  12. i dont use macs, so im not a huge fan also dont like the damn one button thing
    but vaio i dont like either, simply because they are known to die after a while..but if yours been running for two years, it should be safe

    but cams and mics are just hindrances for you anyway, the government's looking...

    but the fact that i've seen you ask this question on various platforms (blog, twitter, fb) means u WANT the mac

    listen to your heart

  13. Thanks for all this!

    The point Corey brings up about the size is a good one - will it feel tiny while I'm coloring something digitally??

    If I sell the Vaio now, I'll get around $400 for it, but if I wait until it breaks, only $50 for parts. :/

    Am I just trying to be like Justin Long ???

  14. Just get the Mac! C: YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT ...