March 8, 2010

Bikes are Fun wallpaper

About this time two years ago I did a cover for the Boston Weekly Dig featuring my soon-to-be-patented FlyCycle.  Okay, not really, I can't invent anything.  And it probably would have just as much carbon emission as a real car, so that's the end of that idea.

a spring-y desktop wallpaper for you

...and if that's not enough to get you feeling spring-y, here are some creepy chocolate bunnies from Newbury St. Might I add - they are ridiculously, unnecessarily expensive for ugly, creepy bunnies ...

Thanks again, everybody, for the kind words this weekend ~ been a kind of sobering weekend but it's returning to normal


  1. OMG! We need to go steal those bunnies and hold them hostage for being CUTE!!

  2. Those bunnies are indeed creepy D:
    I also always think I'd invent something, but it's just unrealistic dreams. Cool wallpaper (;

  3. cuteeee wall paper
    glad to hear that things are working out~~

    sorry that it had to happen that way though, too much things going on at the same time

  4. Snagging the wallpaper, thanks!

    I have no words for the bunnies.

    I'm sorry that everything clashed together on that day *hugs* but I'm glad that you're recovering. ♥

  5. very nice wallpaper! love it and thanks for sharing!

    By the way, i like ur name....

  6. Those eyes @_@!

    Thanks for the wallie =3

  7. You've just bummed me out b/c you're right... any new cool flying thing would probably have horrid, horrid carbon-emissions! LOL

    Those are choco bunnies?!? They look like smtg from an elementary school basement D:

  8. I don't know how I would react if someone gave me that for Easter. o_O

  9. Anonymous9.3.10

    Haha I know - they are almost supposed to be frighteningly retro - like your childhood Easter nightmare


  10. This is so cool. Thanks for the new wallpaper.