March 17, 2010

Freaks progress

It's finally beautiful outside!  After five long days of New England rain, the sun is out and pouring through the studio windows.

I'm going to New York for a few days in May!  Going to see Misha and the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, hopefully track down a few friends I haven't seen in a long time as well.

I think spring fever has gotten to my cat because he's much more affectionate than usual, insisting to sit on me while I work.  He's gained a bit of weight too... he's starting to get that "swingy thingy" that touches the ground when he walks ...

Currently on the drawing desk // progress for Freaks illustration

the most famous scene from Tod Browning's Freaks ...


  1. Oh, wow. I'm excited about this! One of my favorite films.

  2. Oooh! It looks great!!!

    loolss, your cat can now sweep the floor! ;)

  3. Anonymous17.3.10

    OMG LOL sorry about the commenting ......... it wouldn't let me with wordpress ........ and now it does x____x

  4. I love that painting!

  5. Thanks for the kind words!

    Haha Zo you are so sweet

  6. Looks great!!!

    is your cat critiquing your work? A.D cat???

  7. Your Freaks piece looks freakin' awesome! (hee hee) :) It really does though. And kitty bellies that skim the floor = LOVE!