March 1, 2010



I did a lot of thinking this month.  Usually I come to "epiphanies" much more often than normal people.  

Which means they aren't real epiphanies.  More like "realize mundane thing" = "LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION" 

So - I quit Facebook {click comments to see full post below}
Oh my goodness - I did it.

My reasons?  A few.  A Facebook virus killed one of our computers, (no, we don't play any of the games or whatnot)  Weird people from my past were finding me, which was also very awkward.  Part of my problem was accepting too many friends - I was afraid of hurting people's feelings - people I didn't even know or hadn't even seen in 10/12 years!   Maybe I'll go back to Facebook in a while or so with a very private account.  Real friends have ways of contacting me, and my updates were mostly links to my blog or some silly nonsense I was tweeting

It is very suspect to me how Facebook actually doesn't cancel your account - it lets you log back in anytime! To delete your account - for real - there is a difficult to find secure web page - and even then it gives you two weeks to log back in anytime!  Not to mention the millions of dollars of privacy law-suits FB is keeping quiet ...

So! There it is - it's gone At least it says it will be in 13 more days! (weird...)

Maybe I'll pretend it's 1867 and write letters


  1. Facebooks is creepy. People I have never seen before try to add me to friends. I always reject those, because they are probably some creeps with fake pictures. >.>

    Very lovely drawing, the birds (crows?) look evil. Hehe, because of the purple eye gleam sort of thing. (:

  2. i did not know you can delete your account

  3. Absolutely beautiful drawing! I love crows. Mwah! They're so cute.

  4. Thanks for the kind words!

    Emma - there is a super secret website to REALLY delete it - but the "cancel account" one is fake!

  5. Anonymous1.3.10

    I quit fb for a week until a game I was playing decided to have Alice in Wonderland items ... X:

  6. Good for you. Facebook takes up so much time and is completely unnecessary. However, I'm sadly addicted to it....

    Written letters are so much more fun and meaningful. I think your friends would enjoy that more, especially if you include some of your doodles with it. XD

  7. letters are so romantic! and sweet :3

    I have facebook for playing games. hopefully it will kill my laptop :S

    if it does then it's an excuse to get an imac :P

  8. Lovely drawing - but I know what you mean by the frailties of FB - there's this odd person from my high school days who took it upon himself to hit on a 14 year-old girl on my friend's list (who is in my YG)...




  9. beautiful illustration. love the colors and symmetry. and, yeah, fb is all kinds of evil.

  10. Thanks for the kind words - yes, it was actually weird for me, feeling like I was some how being super un-social, but it's actually no big loss, haha

  11. Hmmm some people have crappy experiences with fb but at least it's easy to ignore (at least for me X_X)

    There will always be a way to keep in contact with those you like =)

  12. Oh facebook~
    I only have mine to keep in touch with my past friends who don't exist anywhere else in my life. And even now I'm JUST starting to use it b/c I'm addicted to fishville. FB has always seemed ... I dunno, too much pointlessness? I had one back when you HAD to be in college (with a .edu email) in order to sign up. When they opened it up to EVERYONE it seemed even more pointless. *failbook