March 13, 2010

Upcoming Gallery Shows

Hey all,

I thought I'd share some happy news this dreary Saturday; I'll be involved in a number of upcoming shows coast-to-coast again!

I'm very excited these galleries have continued to approach me; it gives me a chance to keep up with my personal paintings while working on client illustrations here in the studio. 

get your FREAK ON » APRIL 2010
side-shows, circus freaks + the highly unusual

illustrations + interpretations of the classic TV show
100 artist pay tribute to classic cult films

the art of Japanese street fashion

below is the G1988LA Crazy4Cult show opening from 2009 (courtesy of Arrested Motion)

 you can see Edward Scissorhands and Pulp Fiction, and lots of other amazing pieces hanging around up there 

I'm excited to be contributing my favorite movies Burton's ED WOOD + Browning's FREAKS! 
I'll be posting my progress on these pieces really soon ...

In other news...
A while back I got a formspring account - since that is the hip thing to do nowadays, and have since gotten some nice questions, here are a few; (click on COMMENTS to see full post)

The Crowd-sourced Interview ....................................................................

where did the idea of moduslotus as an online name come from? by excaliburs

It started as a little art company when I curated a large, international art show in 2008 - but as I got busier with my own freelance work, I had to can that and focus on personal projects. So now it's my blog name.

originally my blog's name was Veronica Harmonica - the name my mom used to call me. It's a tad long, haha, although I do like it .   Wow, boring much?

How old are you? and... Do you have a idealization or a pattern in the girls that you draw?

24. I don't mean to have an idealized girl, but it seems they do tend to come out the same way: pensive, pouty upper lip and usually stuck between being a woman or perpetual girl-hood.

Weird how we repeat ourselves accidentally like that! I need to move on to much more expressive work+ subject matter I guess!

name ten things you love and couldn't live without! by bebecaca

Andy, peppermint tea, The Goonies, anise cookies, piano music, Andy, bad movies, Andy, and Milka chocolate

How many countries have you traveled to?

I have been to Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Quebec, Canada, and all over the US if that counts

What got you into drawing? by excaliburs

Honestly? TV! I remember drawing in front of the TV a lot as a kid, like Jem + the Holograms; Mickey Mouse cartoons, Speed Racer ...

is andy really as cool as he seems?

Cooler. HAHA is this Andy? He's super cool to everyone else but sometimes he's real dorky around me. And I love that.

are you still selling prints, perhaps?? hahha i'm sort of in IN LOVE with the poppy print; and i wanted to purchase one!

I do sell prints, thank you for your interest :) 8x10" = $15, 11X14" = $30 Please check out my blog or email me with any questions!

What's your favorite indulgence? by kawaiinot

Oh my goodness, that's hard - probably playing Grim Fandango while eating key lime pie

what do you do when not drawing

Paint. Or play SNES.

Okay this is most likely my internet FAIL, but... I remember you posting pages of a comic you were/are/??? working on. will there/is there any possible way of purchasing said comic? I've been dying to read it :) by thrila

You're so sweet! Right now I'm still penciling vol. 1 of a graphic novel about air-ship pirates, it will be released sometime this spring! Thanks for your interest!!

What kind of things do you keep in your purse that you couldn't leave the house without? by MacaronTea

a tiny sketchbook, my ipod, Neutrogena tinted lip balm and my ID since I look like I'm 14

Do you ever wish you were taller or shorter? by MacaronTea

Actually no, I'm fairy good-sized :) 5'6

If you could only own clothes/accessories/shoes/etc. from one line for the rest of your life, which would it be? by MacaronTea

Ooh probably Luella ... or Marc Jacobs ... or anything on

What are five things you'd spend $1,000,000 on!? by excaliburs

Each?! Haha world travel, a brand new super amazing post-modern workspace, shoes, various gourmet cupcakes, and paying off my family's bills

Do you enjoy reading? If so what is your favorite book and author? by MacaronTea

I love David Sedaris! Dave Barry, Garrison Keillor and other satirical writers. But "Le Petit Prince" by A. Saint-Exupery has a special place in my heart

What do you like more about Boston in comparison to New York City? by thrila

North End > Little Italy! No joke! Boston is more intimate and I just love the old timey colonial streets and flower boxes! And the seafood is better. But, I do miss me some Manhattan ...

What is your favorite medium to do your art in?

I've been using a lot of neon acrylic, then oil paints on top, then colored pencil, lately! The one thing I can't do well is egg tempera. It smells... like eggs...

What do you want to be known for? by excaliburs

Being a good artist, but more so, a good friend

how did you meet Andy??

We worked at the Worcester Art Museum together! After we parted ways, I didn't see him for years while I lived in New York, then we reconnected and fell in love :) Now we work at the museum again together, it's a circle!


  1. great questions ^_____^
    aww you're so lucky to have andy!

  2. Keep up the good work =3

  3. Anonymous14.3.10

    This really makes me wish I lived in LA T_T

  4. Me too, Zoraida, haha and that's kind of you to say.

    Massachusetts is teasing me with lovely warm weather then horrible horrible cold and chills. PLEASE pick one, weather. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous15.3.10

    THAT WEATHER IS THE SAME AS SEATTLE'S! It even freaking snowed for one second!! Outrage!!

  6. Congrats on the shows, Woman! You are taking CA by storm!! Yay! :D

  7. Aw to bad you are not coming to Seattle for a showing, I would have visited. Hope you are having a great time doing these shows!!!! (:

  8. Congrats!! Though can't say I'm surprised ;)))) You're so talented XDD

  9. Wow!! this is great~ My studio finals will be in May, but I'm definitely gonna try to go!!

  10. Thanks so much for the kind words, and thanks for the CA support! :)