March 26, 2010

What to Wear / Fri

  • 40's style trousers 
  • Batman tee from Alexa (off. licensed, haha, see below...) 
  • Black patent oxfords

Oh -and speaking of Batman - I'm a little peeved at my favorite Korean online shop; for selling a cardigan with stolen artwork! Again!

Now, they've done it before - and for some reason, they just love The Batman, because I've seen no less than 4 Batman rip-offs from various years and incarnations (60's Batman, Batman Beyond, Dark Knight... etc...) but seriously, guys, as someone who has a relationship with DC Comics, this just has to stop.

And THIS isn't even Batman!  It's BAT-BAT!

Bat-Bat is a satire of Batman done by Ralph Bakshi + John K for their work on the super awesome, insanely wacky "The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse" series in the 80s.  (Before John K went on to head up REN & STIMPY)

The joke about Bat-Bat is that he is a bat ... that dresses up ... as a bat. See the episode below! 

original page of script by Jim Smith

Night of the BatBat ... from "The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse" 1981 ...


  1. love your blush ♥

  2. Mmm this outfit reminds me of the 90's (of what I can remember hahahaha I was only a single digit old).

    It seems to me like they don't understand what COPYRIGHT means ... :P

  3. I wonder if the real batman will do something about this.


  4. Korean & Singaporean clothing knows no copyrights! It's like a crazy wild west. There's always straight up Japanese rip-offs too.

  5. yeah can't really blame those shops, they not only rip off comic books, there's tons of vivienne westwood, balenciaga and even goyard inspired items

    and plus half of the girls dont know what they're wearing anyway haha

  6. That's true Emma, there are lots of forms of borrowing - even Forever 21 has to keep taking things off the racks due to pending suits!