March 25, 2010

What to Wear / Thurs

Hey everybody,

I'm still here, working in the studio as always - yes Mom, this really is my job... I'm not unemployed...

I got a nice email from the people at Gallery Nucleus in LA - one of the coolest illustration + contemporary fine art galleries on the West Coast, and they asked me to pass along news of their new show

  April 3, 2010 - April 26, 2010
  Apr 3, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

After the show opens you'll be able to view the entire gallery online!
So check back!  You can see it without really seeing it... so to speak.

It has so many personal favorites of fashion illustration - Coco Pit, Ester Kim and oh yeah BOB PEAK - the guy who has illustrated EVERY famous movie poster YOU'VE EVER SEEN ...

for My Fair Lady

Did you know Vogue was first published in 1892? Whew! That's a legacy ...
And speaking of Vogue, pick up the latest issue for an article written by our friend Joan Gage!

If fashion isn't your thing, they also feature the greatest video game concept artwork around; exhibitions by companies like Blizzard Entertainment and Pixar, or artwork from GOD OF WAR and so on.  Something for your boyfriend! har har

So in lieu of all this fashion I thought I'd post some 
stuff from my sketchbook of what I wear this week ...


  1. Nucleus really is awesome. There's always something cool hanging on the walls when I go there, and they also sell a lot of nice prints.

  2. COOL OUTFIT!!! *o*
    Are you going to post more? :3

  3. Anonymous25.3.10

    Yes! A new outfit sketch this week...


  4. Haahaa something for the boyfriend indeed!! Mmm leggings + short sleeves. Soon, very soon!

  5. Hey Veronica! Thanks for plugging the Vogue article! I love the way you and your young fashionista pals put together such incredibly creative and chic outfits from head to toe (even including hair extensions.) Don't tell Vogue but I usually reach in the closet with my eyes shut, because I haven't had coffee yet, and put on the first thing my hand touches.


  6. Haha Joan, that's why you need to have a closet where everything goes together!

  7. Another fashion illustrator I love (and you should check out!): Marguerite Sauvage