March 19, 2010

Who Shot Rock

It was pretty cool to get an email from the Brooklyn Museum saying "Hurry! See the last week of Who Shot Rock & Roll before it leaves!.... to the Worcester Art Museum!"  Which of course is now a huge time saver for me.  Because instead of going to Brooklyn I can just ... well, go to work.

So WHO SHOT ROCK n' ROLL is a fantastic traveling photography exhibition that spans 5 decades of music, from shots of Elvis backstage to Madonna hanging out on the Lower East Side to Amy Winehouse crawling out of bed at the crack of noon.

If you are in the area, check it out!  It's a great show!
   the Ramones at CBGBs {image courtesy New York Kids}

the invite to the party

I guess it put me in a certain rock mood because I've been nuts over these lately ...

Anybody know where I can get a personal shopping service from South Korea?  ... no?

It made me get nostalgic for my college days in New York City; basically living at Irving Place every other Friday.  I'm trying to think of the concerts that I went to there, it's such a small venue you feel connected to the musicians, in a way.  I saw Star Sailor, the Buzzcocks + Suicide Machines at Irving, Acoustic Alchemy and DJ Krush at B.B. King's ... was never really a Bowery Ballroom kinda girl but the White Stripes were great; and The Strokes here in Boston.

TWO most ROCK moments of my LIFE

Sweaty hug by Howard Dean; member of the Brit punk band the Buzzcocks.
  He jumped off the stage at the end, inundated with affection for the crowd, and went down the front row hugging people.

Even sweatier, excessively drunken hug by Julian Casablancas of the Strokes.
  My friend Greg & I were sitting on the front balcony when Julian decided to put his beer down and climb up the amps, falling on to us.  Interesting Fact: Greg saved him from sure death by grabbing the tails of his velvet jacket, so to keep him from tumbling off the bannister.

Have a listen to my favorite Howard + Julian tracks


  1. *-* I love your taste in music. And those shoes. THOSE SHOES.

  2. Wait, why don't I get hugged by rockstars more often? ;P

    HI! Long time no speak/comment/something?

  3. Oh em gee! graced by J.Casablancas!?!?

    Hes coming to Toronto April! Yeaaaaah!!

  4. ah rock stars, no matter how sweaty they are , you want to touch them

  5. Are you going to see them, Juan? That is awesome! Even if they are tipsy they put on a great act

  6. I love how Rock transcends music and runs deep into all aspects including dress and attitude XDD

    I think there are Livejournal "sprees" that order from Korean sites.

  7. Wow, Howard Dean was in the Buzzcocks. Couldn't be the same guy...well there was that scream he did! ;)
    Great story on the museum show. I love that the WAM is showing a modern relevant show like this one.