April 4, 2010

Dreamers and Pretenders

This is the inside cover to a program I designed for POP EUPHORIA, an international art show I curated at the Aurora Gallery a few years back.  I was going through some archives, updating my portfolio, and realized I really liked this page a lot and thought I'd share the quote as well.

I used a version of this for my Twitter background, which probably makes me seem like a crazy toy-maker instead of illustrator haha

Great news! - after years of hard work and saving, we are finally going to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Between getting married and moving, we'll be doing a lot of traveling...

Both of us have taken on as much work as we possibly could.  It's exhausting.  We work 10 hours a day in the studio, usually 12, leaving time only to go grocery shopping or take the dog for a wee.  We're both teaching, doing freelance work, committing to gallery shows - everything to earn as much as possible.

We've had to bail on a bunch of fun stuff like gallery openings, dinner with friends and parties, which hurts.  

But it's all going to be worth it really soon!

May - October 2010 : New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland OR, Kyoto/Nagoya/Shizuoka/Tokyo Japan

In the mean time, we are just enjoying the work we're doing; looking at each other from across the apartment knowing what's to come.


  1. Ohhh my! I wish you guys THE BEST marriage and honeymoon and life together!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. You're going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I'm traveling with my boyfriend this summer too... Gonna be in Japan in August. :)

    Traveling with the significant other is the best thing ever. Totally worth sacrifices.

  3. Happy Easter! Hope you had a great holiday!

  4. Your travel itinierary sounds amazing - I'm so jealous! Also I love the split view of your window with the gondolas.

  5. Ooh, I love that pink rabbit! It reminds me of things my grandmother used to have around the house :]

  6. I actually got that glass rabbit from my grandmother, Lindsey! Haha

    Alison - don't ever be jealous you silly lady, you got to see Paris!

  7. Oh you are going to visit so many places! That's pretty awesome. (:
    Hard work is worth it in the end~

  8. Yay, how sweet! Sounds like all your hard work is really paying off. :)

  9. That is so exciting to hear!! You guys totally deserve the travel that's coming to you! You've earned it for sure!

  10. Thanks!

    It's still a ways off, and will pretty much drain our accounts, haha but that's what money is for, right?

    back to comics!

  11. Six months of travelling, sounds awesome! Have fun! In July-Oct I'll be in Tokyo too!

  12. That's awesome, Corey!

    It actually won't be six entire months, more like a few days in each place and then Japan is our honeymoon :)

    Someday though I will take an entire half year off, haha someday!