April 24, 2010

The Farm Girl

Hey everybody, 

I was reminiscing about our 2008 roadtrip the other day.  Andy and I drove 3,000 miles round-trip from MA to Des Moines to see my grandparents, and I have to say, it was the greatest vacation of my life.  There aren't many people I can work with / live with / drive with for 12 hours / and not want to kill But Andy and I had a great time!  I posted day by day about it ...

I bring it up with this sketch because have been asked by a number of people about the kind of girls I like to draw; ... never really thought about it.  But looking at this sketch and some of my previous work, apparently I'm really drawn to sun-kissed farm girls with easy braids, sometimes sprinkling of freckles, and large, light eyes.  

My family's old farmhouse has a quiet, majestic Americana quality to it, so it's romanticized for me.

Interestingly enough, by this time next week I'll be in New York City visiting friends, which is like a second home to me, and about as far away from farm-nostalgia as possible.  (cue "Green Acres" theme song)

I've been eating massive amounts of cookies lately - pretty much eschew all other nutrients to fit in more cookie-time - my insides must look like a sugary mess.  It's late in the studio and I'm working on more pages of our Pirates of Mars graphic novel, and snuck in some vanilla macarons to munch on.  (Trader Joe's.... not bad)

If you are in Boston, please check out GET YOUR FREAK ON! at Space 242 gallery April 30th!

Lots of my super-amazing artist friends have work in, and I can't wait to see what they've created.

You can see my piece here, in a previous post ... Shalimar, the Snake Charmer


  1. 3000 miles of driving...that is definitely a test of relationships and you two definitely passed.

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  3. Hah! Blog spam! xD

    I've seen so many pictures of macarons lately and it makes me want to try them more and more..

  4. aw freckles! milk maid braids <3

  5. now i'm curious, what kind of BOYS do you draw? ;)

  6. Oh I really like the sketch. Her hair is very nice! I love freckles they are so fun, but I don't have them so I just get to like them on other people hehe.
    That macaron looks so tiny xP

  7. Aw, she looks really cute and kind of pouty! :]

    Going to check out those posts right now, I love travel posts!

  8. Oh your drawing is so lovely, I can just felt her emotion. I mean her face is very expressive.

    I know just what you mean about sweet foods and giving up the more nutritious foods for sugar haha. I bought some granola bars yesterday to try and ween myself off sugar haha.

  9. There's not much greater than Americana~ it's something so precious to our culture!

    I love her small shoulders, something about that aspect is so beautiful in your artwork!