April 27, 2010

Irezumi for Quarto London

 finished art
 original sketch
Quarto Publishing of London contracted me a little while ago for some art in their new tattoo book coming out.  I've done a few tattoos in the past, but it was very cool to get the "Irezumi" assignment.

Irezumi is a style of traditional Japanese tattooing; in which a sharpened shoot of bamboo literally stabs ink into your skin. [ire = "to insert" + sumi = "ink"]  Yakuza (shhhh Japanese mob ...) often see full-body tattoos as a test of courage and dedication, since the process is incredibly painful.  These full-body tattoos often cost upwards of $30,000 (USD) and can take a lifetime to complete.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In a few days I'll be back in Manhattan visiting some good friends, I'm very, very excited to see Misha and some SVA peeps from '03

The last time I was there, something wonderful happened.

I found these old pictures of Chinese New Year 2005 spent with Misha + Hilary on Canal St.

(I hope you guys don't mind me posting these, I think they are ah-dorable)

Hilary / nolita / 05

 Misha / 68th St / The Gales at Central Park / '05
Both of these ladies are astoundingly talented artists.  Misha illustrates + animates, she worked on that cool Sonia Bravia commercial when all the animated rabbits jump out of the TV. {Watch it here} Hilary makes the best comics ever - you should eat them up with your eyes.


  1. Well I learned something new!! It's so cool to think maybe lots of people will choose your artwork as a tattoo~! Even for it to be an option as people look over designs is thrilling I think :P

    :OOO star lights!!

  2. Fantastic tattoo design ~ I love the colors! Have fun in NYC! ;)

  3. That is definitely REALLY COOL O_O! Now more people can have the option of wearing a pretty girl with a tiger on their bodies!

    I love that commercial ;3; and your friend's comics ;3;

  4. Oh beautiful, I love your tattoo design! I really like tigers^^

    I want to do a full back irezumi type tattoo with a tiger and dragon fighting, or 4 dragons. But I'm not sure how much I'd like that in a wrinkly version 45 years later haha

  5. Thanks for the kind words :D

    Jenny - SAILOR Starlights?!

    Sara - You should do it! In researching them, most of the Japanese dudes aged really well, probably from a healthy diet, so it may not be as wrinkly as you think!

  6. Wow your friend worked on that ad?! I loved that ad!!

    I really do love your artwork *__* It's just so pretty, have you seen some of your finished work on someone's skin? It must feel so amazing to have someone choose your work to be imprinted on them for life, so cool, so cool!

    I've never been one to think about tattoos but lately I really want one but I'm so scared of the pain! So your explanation of Irezumi is making me feel better because it won't hurt as much as that right?!

  7. Fuckin gorgeous as always!! Makes me want another tattooo....

    ALSO, what other tattoos have you drawn? Do you have pics?

  8. Hi Veronica: Here's the article about your workshop in Shirley, MA. The class was great! (My son already got in trouble for selling his hand-drawn comic books to his friends before school; one of them got caught reading it in class...You should be proud :-)