April 29, 2010

Irezumi Ink Drawing

Irezumi for Quarto London's book on tattoo art

japanese ink on cold press paper // 9" x 12" 

I'm thinking about leaving my iTouch at home for my 4 days in New York. I'd like to think I can survive without the precious, warming glow of the internet.  What I do need is music for the hours of travel time...

Imagine!  Writing directions down on a slip of paper and putting it in my wallet!  Instead of jumping on HopStop and getting frustrated I can't type on this freakin' tiny keyboard...

» Sometimes I think about selling the iTouch and getting a really basic Shuffle just for music.  The only thing that keeps from doing it, is that the device has saved me twice now with client calls - being able to see proofs on the web while talking to them about it.

And yes, I looked like an idiot on the phone with an art director, fumbling with the iTouch web browser saying "Oh wait - I typed in the URL wrong... okay, now I see it..." trying to hold my cell with my shoulder.  But happily only Elaine at the museum front desk could see me.

Last weekend Andy took me to see the site of his old childhood home in Crown Hill.  It's since been torn down and there is a lovely park there. (top)  I have no memories of my first home in Boston, but my parent's house now was where I spent my teenage years, and I think it would be sad to see it go completely.  This yellow house is just a random nice home we saw in passing.


  1. Anonymous29.4.10

    Bought. Price was ridiculous. I've seen this piece everyday in the studio and it's outstanding!

  2. This is such a cool piece. Have fun in NY.

  3. That's a really beautiful illustration! That's a lovely porch on that home too, I'd love to have one like that!

  4. I would suggest you keep your itouch. The shuffle is primarily good for jogging, but it gets annoying with if you're listening to it while working or so because of its limited commands. Perhaps it's just me and my impatience but when I really want to find a song on the shuffle, it's annoying to have to search for it. And since it has already saved you twice, I think it deserves its keep. :)

  5. Such an awesome piece, Veronica!

    I say keep you iTouch unless you're considering buying an iPhone - I have an iPhone and a separate, simple music player. This is mainly because iTunes annoys the crap out of me :D



  6. I feel yay on the shuffle for music compared to iTouch. I sorta will always have a soft spot for my shuffle (gen 1, dead, :( )

  7. Thanks for the kind words!

    Yes, I think the Shuffle is genius, if not just for workin' out and whatnot, since the iTouch is hard to jog with!

    But I will probably keep it for now :)