April 7, 2010

Pink Stripes

Wearing the bunny slippers Misha gave me, a vintage poofy shirt, and distressed jeans.

Always, always drawing ... but took a break to eat this piece of heaven ...

" What light through yonder Dunkin' Donuts breaks? 
It is the East, and maple frosted donut is the sun ..."


  1. GOD THAT DONUT!! WAAAANTS! I don't even like maple that much. Though I'm a Krispy Kreme person (but not fair b/c it's only due to the fact our DD by us blows.)

    Do you really have a batman wastebasket? I certainly hope so XD

  2. Cute outfit!

    Yum, that doughnut looks tasty. Like Jenny though, I do kind of prefer Krispy Kreme.

  3. lmao this entry made me laugh so much. i love your outfit and your wastebasket and your donut. THIS ENTRY IS SO MUCH WIN HAHAHA~

  4. Anonymous8.4.10

    cutee i like this! it's making me hungry!

  5. i love your little sketches. those slippers sound cute!

    you make me crave doughnuts now :3

  6. Thanks for the kind words!

    Yes, Jenny that's a 70s Batman tin garbage can! It actually has a much cooler piece of artwork on it, haha

  7. Is that a battrash can?? ahhhmazing

    I still think you should make that poster!

  8. cUTEE! i would love to wear a bow in my hair, alas not brave enough XD

    and yummy donut

  9. <3

    Also now that I've been illustrating (um obvs way less intensely than you) I have newfound respect for your hardcore-ness. :P

    And that donut looks delish!

  10. aww I love that drawing!! gawd I SO wish I could still draw. Makes me a sad panda sometimes.

  11. Dooooooo-nuts.. *drools*

    I seriously love your outfit posts! <3

  12. Ahaha, you have got to stop posting such delicious pictures! Just kidding, please continue :]