April 22, 2010

Rollerderby Logo

A few years ago, the Boston Derby Dames had approached me to do some of their poster designs, which was super fun.  I didn't realize that right around the corner in Worcester, some buddies of mine were competing with the Switchblade Sallies for the Central Mass. Derby League.  I was more than happy to work on their logo with them.  (Some preliminaries and the final)

I've never been to a roller derby bout - probably because I'm too afraid to watch.  But I wish them luck in their spring competition season!

I've been crazy busy with work lately, and Andy could tell I was running on empty this week, so he left me this present //

and that is one of the many reasons I'm marrying him.

Oh! and because he finds cool place to have breakfast, like Lucky's which is actually underground in the basement of an old mill, and looks like a romanticized French cafe ... I like their antique tea-wares

this is polenta, Andy thought I ordered "placenta"  ....


  1. Aw that was sweet of him.
    Lol about placenta >.<
    I love the first prelim logo. Really cool looking. How come they decided to go with the pants in the end? D:


    Basement of an old mill? How did he find such a place? Amazing.

  3. Great job!! Both logo's look fantastic!!

  4. Love that toy!!

    Roller derby is AWESOME. I have my own derby-regulated skates, and I want to try out someday! Let's go roller skating sometime!

  5. Thanks for the kind words :)

    Allison - I would come to a bout if I knew you were racing, but I'd be scared if you got hurt and would burst into tears like a baby

  6. Those posters are so cool! Very retro!

    Mmmm that restaurant sounds SO COOL! The tea-ware is so adorable aahhhh

  7. I was hungry when you said breakfast, then placenta came along..LOL

  8. I forgot you did this one! This is one of the logos my league still uses!! So funny to me that I get to look at your artwork and Derek Ring's artwork at roller derby practice - so surreal. Haha. :)