April 12, 2010

Spring in Boston

It's spring in Boston again!

Andy and I crawled out of our cave- er... studio and into the warm sunshine this weekend.  After the initial screaming (not used to light) and burning (we are pale), we had a great time meandering around the city with Alexa and Adam.

We got tapas on Newbury Street (try Tapeo for their amazing $5 deal at the bar) and walked from the Common to Downtown Crossing and in a big circle back again.  It was so refreshing to see the trees budding, baseball games in the park, and the scent of candied almonds from street vendors (love those)

Bonus! Alexa and I found this in an alley way in Government Center!

Even more awesome?  Andy and I have a love for Andy Bernard on the Office, and love the episode where he is listing his acapella group buddies to Angela and one is "Broccoli Rob"

Soon I'll be able to show more of the projects I'm working on, but they are mostly under wraps at the moment. 


  1. Oh those are wonderful photographs!! Glad you got spring hehe.

    Omg, I haven't had candied almonds since such a long time ago, now that you mentioned them, i'm all of a sudden craving them pretty bad. xP

  2. Gorgeous photos! "Broccoli Rob" ha ha! Awesome. Andy Bernard rules!

  3. Love photos of spring in the city. The bird on the fountain is my favorite.

  4. Those photos are lovely! It's so hot here in the south, it's like we bypassed Spring :[

  5. Boston looks so pretty!nice pics!

    I read the tittle now I can't get Boston by Vampire Weekend out of my head...damn you

  6. So gorgeous~~~ I can feel the warmth even!!

    Oh tapas! I keep wanting to drag Mike to try Tapas (so many Tapas Bars here) but every time he just starts saying "Topless Bar, you want to go to a Topless Bar, OK!!" And the joke has soooooo lost its charm by this point, hahahaaaa

    LOL nice office connection there!! You're like an Office Sleuth!

  7. Anonymous14.4.10

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Joan - I didn't even notice the pigeon!

    Juan - They have another song about Cape Cod - but they are from New York I guess?

    Jenny - "Oh yeah, and the guys will be staying with us for three weeks"


  8. Boston looks so .. architecturally cool! aaahhhhh I love that gate it's so dreamy~

  9. My job sells that exact brand on broccoli rabe ALL THE TIME :D and don't you love the weather? yesssssss~

  10. Wow, I really get the feeling of spring from these photos! They are very lovely!

    I've never been to Boston, but this post makes me interested in visiting hehe^^ And I could try Showa then!

    As for Hotel Okura, I didn't know James Bond was filmed there, but yeah the interior is totally that style! Now I wish I had taken photos of the interior, but I was all shy from the poshness of it haha.