April 1, 2010

What to Wear - 40s again

Hey it's another week of my daily wearables ...
It's been crazy busy here in the studio (I feel like I say that quite a bit, no? Oui.) and Basil (our cat above) is not making it any easier. He's constantly jumping up on my drawing table, knocking over pencil holders, playing with my set of pens and quills.  He can be such a jerk.  But we forgive him because he's adorable and smells better than the dog.

I've been waking up at the crack of dawn lately - I mean, wide awake, listening to birds chirping while it's still a bit dark out.  Doing these sketches has become a fun morning ritual before I go to work on freelance projects. 

I sincerely can't wait for spring to officially hit; as we went through a week of lovely 60s but that was a teaser trailer for 8 days of cold rain followed by more cold rain.  But it's there in my heart and I can start eating like it's June again /////
that would be mango, not cheese ... 

I've realized from doing these drawings that I kind of wear a lot of 40's style stuff?  Hmm... never noticed that before. So here is some appropriate music for you ... (If it's not showing up, you can listen to it here)


  1. I really like the cat and the girl!

  2. Lookin' good C:

    Did you guys name Basil after Basil in The Picture of Dorian Gray? :o


  3. Haha you're so classy, Z!

    Our cat is actually named for Basil Rathbone! He was Sherlock Holmes in the 30s and the bad guy in the old Robin Hood movie. He's a dapper man

  4. Mmm fruits for breakfast!! <3

    Nice look, I love the color of the shirt.
    We have had cold rain to recently. I even got hailed on one of these days. I miss the warm sunshine!

  5. I admit, those early morning hours, if you are 100% awake & not groggy, are so enjoyable~ So quiet and peaceful right!

    Now all I can see is "cheese" in your food picture even though I know it's mango, hahahaaa!