April 19, 2010

What to Wear - Rosettes + Slacks

H&M Rosette tank // vintage linen slacks // Jeffery Campbell patent heels

Last weekend Alexa and I made our way into downtown Boston, specifically so I could find this, from H&M's new Garden Collection.  It was their last one ♥  Why?  Because it looks an awful lot like a ModCloth dress I wanted to get married in, but was sold out ...

Close enough, eh?  So, wedding-excitement satiated, for now.  {But not really - let's do this thing!}


In comic-related news, how about a look at all the Pirates of Mars pages I've penciled so far!  This project has been very awesome for me, personally - working with a writer is definitely my niche.  When I draw my own stories, I have a tendency to get boring really fast.  The characters have no real voice, the story arch is more like a squiggly-line, et cetera ... 

Working with a writer pushes me into unfamiliar drawing territory.  I didn't grow up sketching complex, gigantic air ships engaging in sky wars.

I drew pretty girls.

Sitting in fields and stuff.

Which I guess I still do.......

Working with a writer makes me a better artist - drawing what is best for the story instead of images that come easy to me.  But - is it awesome that the main character is a pretty lady?


Whooo-wee!  60 down, 36 to go.  Feelin' good! 


  1. I knew it was the h&m top before even reading! GO ME!! Yay you snagged it too!

  2. 60 pages done - WOW! Congrats! You are cranking, woman! So cool that you found your niche. :)

  3. Feelin' good!

    - And lookin' good if I do say so myself C:

  4. Anonymous20.4.10


    Zo, you are too kind

    -Veronica :D

  5. That H&M top is very cute, but I hope you can get that dress!

    Wow, your comic pages look so awesome!

  6. gillar din stil att teckna :) mkt snyggt!

  7. how about drawing a gigantic flying pretty girl??

    wow look at all those pages!! can't wait to see it!!

  8. That outfit looks adorable, I love the blouse on the right! I've seen a ton of jeffrey campbell shoes I want in my life, but so expensive :O

  9. Calvin Kline made a dress with that rose detail, It was at Marshells this week, so pretty and only $70, I took a photo of it, Let me upload it.