May 14, 2010

Another Dimension // Gallery 1988 LA

Hey friends,

I just sent in two paintings to Gallery 1988 LA this week, for their a reprieve of their amazing Twilight Zone - themed exhibition.  After watching the series, I picked two episodes "The Four of Us Are Dying" and "The Mystic Seer" ... I had to paint William Shatner.  Just. had. to.

The Mystic Seer  // acrylic + gouache on paper // 11"x14" // $300 (available at G1988 May 20)

The Mystic Seer is about a couple stranded in a diner for a few hours.  While waiting, the husband (William Shatner) becomes interested in a fortune-telling toy (we actually own a replica of it, because we are geeks) and keeps putting pennies in, asking Yes or No questions.

The plot point, is that the toy doesn't give Yes or No answers - just frustratingly accurate but nebulous open ended remarks.  Slowly, the husband becomes obsessed with the toy, shoving pennies in, screaming at it, demanding to know things.

It's pretty awesome.

This piece looks different from my other work - I don't usually do likenesses, so the best way for me to get this to actually look like William Shatner was to make a Photoshop composite, along with a picture of our devil-replica, and use it as direct reference.

The toy's crystal eye is painted with a iridescent shimmer, which is kinda neat-o

If you're in that area, please go and have fun for me! 
I wish I could make it to the opening!

and for no real reason, a picture of Alley Oop


  1. wow super cool i will have to go and check out the show

  2. This is a phenomenal piece!

  3. wow that episode sounds freaky! Now I feel like watching them online. I love how in the painting you still let the beige show through!

    your doggys soooo cute!!!

  4. It looks awesome! And your doggy looks adorable. :)

  5. OMG that shatner painting...what style of art is that?!? I love the style so much, and I've very impressed by your work! Outstanding!

  6. XD William Shatner!

    That sounds like a pretty cool gallery. Wish I was in the LA area.

  7. Thanks for the kind words!

    I usually love super saturated colors, it was nice to do a black&white piece, although it looks so different from my stuff. :)

  8. It looks awesome!!!

  9. Puppy!!!! He's so tiny :O