May 7, 2010

BRKLYN - Botanical Garden Matsuri

lace shirt, thrifted jean shorts, Converse, 109 tote
Last Saturday, Misha and I headed into Brooklyn for their annual cherry blossom festival.  Sadly, all the blossoms were gone but a few (weep) but it was a nice time anyway.  Taiko drumming (swoon) fruit iceys, newly bloomed wisteria, and lots and lots of sun.

I thought about buying some vintage kimono fabric to make some pillows for our new couch, but I just don't think I'm all that great at sewing, and really, just don't have any free time.  There were plenty of young ladies decked out in sweet lolita clothing, some dragging their reluctant boyfriends along.  I'm not sure how these girls managed it - it was about 90 degrees and they had on multiple petticoats...

Brooklyn's Prospect Park station is lovely in the spring...

Someday I will actually see Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom.  It's on my life's big "To-Do" list.  Also on that list?  Get a jet-pack. 

If you guys are in Boston, come check out the encore opening of SPACE 242's "Freak Show!" in which I am exhibiting a piece.  TONITE 6-8pm


  1. OH MY GOSH, those pictures are gorgeous and I'm so jealous you got to do that!!

  2. Cool! I was there on Sunday, and it was crazy hot. The girl with the pigtails, sunglasses and ice cream dress is my friend Mo, who's an illustrator too:

  3. Don't be jealous Lindsey! It was super hot and crowded

    Paperelle - what a coincidence! Her dress was amazing

    Looks so lovely!

    Even if it was hot and sticky, I imagine it was a helluva lot of fun too!

  5. Oooooh.. everything looks so cool! Those icees look yummy. :D

    Love your outfit that day too! I'm feeling the lace~

  6. Wow! I wish they sell some vintage kimono fabric near me.

    Haha, you can get a jet pack and jet yourself to the cherry blossoms when they're in full bloom!