May 26, 2010

Jolie choses

Well, life is officially crazy:

PROJECTS for June //

1. Finish "Ed Wood" painting for Gallery 1988 "Crazy for Cult" show
2. Ink, scan, tone + letter 90 more pages of "Pirates of Mars" graphic novel
3. Vectorize 230 illustrations for a corporate client
4. Plan wedding

Phew.  But, I do love to be busy, so it's time to fire on all cylinders!

I'll have lots of new artwork to show soon; including the anatomy of a comic book page, my process for doing a painting on paper, and a recipe for chai tea - among other things.

In the meantime, please to enjoy some photos from my week

 showing my museum students how to print CMYK
Amelia sent me a lovely package this month - all the way from Romania!  She hid a beautiful heart necklace inside the flap of a Moleskin (!!) journal.  Thank you, Miku!

Also, super-sweet Jenny said I was cute this week, so this is for you, dollface

me, at age 7 in a Little Mermaid bathing suit

No, that's not a bowl-cut.  
I know it looks like a bowl-cut.


  1. I had a bowl-cut when I was younger .. maybe I should show that off to you all as well ahhhhh

    I think we had the same swim suit O_O

  2. Anonymous26.5.10

    The Little Mermaid was the bomb diggity.

  3. haha aww!

    Also grats on penciling 90+ pages!!! Good luck on the rest cant wait to see it!!!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Juan!

    Haha Sarah + Zo - I even had an Ariel cake for that birthday....

  5. Not a bowl cut, you just have bangin bangs right!! ADORABLE!

  6. Yer the cutest! You should photoshop the jump rope out of it and tell people you were levitating. ;D

  7. Awesome sign!
    Where is the Bunny Market?

  8. Awesome pictures! I love the bathing suit. :D I used to have a sunflower printed bathing suit when I was little and I loved it until I grew out of it!

    We all had embarrassing haircuts when we were younger.. lol!

  9. Thanks for the kind words - wow, so many Jens, Jennifers and Jennys commenting in one post ;)

    The Big Bunny Market is somewhere in Western, Mass! I forgot, haha