May 3, 2010

NYC - Buildings in SoHo

Hello everybody - back from a few days in NYC and it was just the bee's knees.
I'll be blogging my what-I-wore sketch diary along with photos from the trip all this week.  Please do enjoy...

  • dolman sleeve white knit
  • hi-waisted navy shorts
  • stockings + Converse
a cute Betsey Johnson shop girl running back to work

After having lunch with my good friend Ami, I walked around SoHo alone for about 3 hours.  My bags got heavy very quickly... but I love these quiet sections of small shops and post-deco architecture.

SoHo stands for "South of Houston St", and NoHo "North of", and Tribeca is the "Triangle Below Canal", and NoLita is "North of Little Italy" .. blah blah ... In case you're ever on a game show. 

I can't imagine when these places were at the top of the city - and farm land extended to what is now Times Square.  Now this is far downtown ... whew ...


  1. The architecture of these neighborhoods is great. The west coast is seriously lacking in this respect.

  2. I love the great decor of this area! Looks like you had lots of fun too! Can't wait to see all your sketches and pictures!

    Also, absolutely adorable outfit - I love wearing cons with tights, makes me feel so artsy and kitsch!

  3. Zoraida4.5.10

    I love how the buildings are just so .. pop-art-y! This shopping district is great! Looove these photos~

  4. Hey Lady!
    I wanna talk Haberdash collaboration with you!
    I'll shoot you a email!

  5. Hey Amy, yes definitely shoot me an email, I have some stuff I need to talk you about too! Fashion-y stuff!

  6. I love your photos! You have such a great eye. and I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  7. Cute photos. Love the colors