May 5, 2010

NYC - Chinatown + Little Italy

romper + vintage riding bag

69 Bayard Street is a little Chinese restaurant that sticks one of your dollars up on it's wall. You can write and draw on George before handing him over.  My waiter told us "Yeah, but you still need to leave tip" (yukyuk)

More photos below ...

After walking around by my self on Friday, I hung out at the bar of Lombardi's.  Misha and her friends from work met me, and we had a really awesome night.  All 3 of them worked on the show 'The Backyardigans' - which is cool because apparently Anthony Bourdain is a big fan, and their contracts were up, so we had a nice last hurrah.

That would be a whiskey sour (drink of choice) and ricotta pizza.  And a bit of Misha up there!


  1. Your pictures give me more and more reasons to go to NY. Now, excuse me I need to buy tickets to the lottery.

    BTW I demand pictures of your riding bag because it looks extra awesome.

  2. Veronica, I love your photos of NYC but wish I knew how you can get blogspot to print them so big. Mine keep coming out small no matter how large the photo I'm trying to post.


  3. Hey Joan,

    When you insert a picture, try clicking on it in the composition window or hovering over it, you should see a 'small' 'medium' 'large' or x-large' option under it!

  4. Wow, a wall full of dollars.

    *SIGH* I REALLY WANT TO GO TO NEW YORK!!!!! *jealous*

  5. Love these pictures!!!

    *drools at pizza*

  6. Lol still gotta leave a tip. xP
    So funny, but it's pretty cool to have a wall full of dollars. (:
    Mmm that pizza looks delicious!
    I want one of those plushie ice cream cones they look soo cute~

  7. Thanks for the kind words - I'd love to live in these districts if they weren't so crazy filthy, haha

  8. nice drawing i like

  9. Weeeeeeeeee I feel so spesh having been to Lombardi's then seeing your pictures!!! XDDD *has patron'd a place I feel you must have visited many times!* Ohhhhhhh ricotta pizza~~~ how I love how I love!

  10. My dad was telling me about a bar that did that, but they put them on the ceiling! Now i'm craving hard lemonade now lol.

  11. I love that illustration and these photos are so freakin' colorfully festive and awesome!


    I wish I was in NYC!

  13. I love the food in China Town, and the colorful streets make it a treat to visit.