June 25, 2010

Ed Wood

Here is the second painting going to Gallery 1988 LA's "Crazy for Cult" show, made as an ode to one of my favorite movies of all time: Tim Burton's ED WOOD

The film is a somewhat bittersweet rendering of the life of Edward D. Wood Jr - one of the absolute worst movie directors of all time.  The cast of characters is so perfectly quirky yet with a lot of depth.  Happily, Burton doesn't get into the real Wood's slow decline into alcoholism, and the picture you get of Ed Wood is how I'd like to imagine him in person.  If you haven't seen it - you must!

It also has one of my favorite quote to live by :{"You're lucky Eddy doesn't judge people"}

"That's right! If I judged people, I wouldn't have any friends"

{oh and "Let's hear you call Boris Karloff a c#%&*@"} but I know my grandparents are reading

 Here is the actual painting, above has been finished with some digital coloring

Available for purchase at Gallery 1988 Los Angeles July 9th and nineteeneightyeight.com

the process work

 Here are some of the original sketches, which actually stayed pretty close to the finish 
  1. blue colored pencil drawing on Reeves BFK 20x24
  2. then washes of blue acrylic + matte medium
  3. then black acrylic to bring out the depth of the darkness
  4. a layer of matte medium, then finish the last layer of painting

When I'm feeling down about my artwork, I have a couple of movies I put in and instantly feel better. One is Studio Ghibli's "Whisper of the Heart" and the other is ED WOOD. There is something so sincere about these movies - both are about people who have a passion to do great things even if what they make isn't very good. It's more about just having passion itself - and letting it drive you.


  1. ED WOOD! I haven't watched that movie in ages. I have to go see your painting now at the gallery.

  2. Awesome piece! I have to watch this movie again - you've inspired me.

  3. Whisper of the Heart is my feel better movie, too. :) I've watched it like a million times!

    Beautiful painting, dear!

  4. yeah whisper of the heart is my favorite studio ghibli movie!! :D

  5. this came out great! sorry i gave you a hard time about it... ed wood is a huge inspiration for me! some of the stuff in the movie is fictionalized (lugosi didn't really hate karloff) but most of the stuff (and all of the wildest stuff!) is true. for more ed wood research, check out the interviews-with-survivors book "nightmare of ecstacy". really good, but definitely more depressing. also i think there are a few trashy wood-penned crime novels still in print, they're all pretty enjoyable (and all involve transvestites with angora fetishes). if anything they're good to have on the shelf...

  6. I've always wanted to see this movie, being a Burton fan and all, but I never got around to it. Sigh. My favorite Burton movie will always be Mars Attacks heehee. Anyway, the painting looks extraordinary! Awesome work as always!

  7. Thanks for the kind words!

    Alison/Emma - I could watch it everyday and not get tired of it

    Jake - Yeah I watched the documentary with interviews of all the actual people in his life, and wow, Vampira is such a crazy broad

  8. Awesome! This movie looks interestingly motivational hahah

  9. I've never seen this movie but I've been hearing about it a lot recently b/c my friends watched it on their NZ trip. My friend is obsessed with Tim Burton now. Hahaha.

    I love seeing progress shots! It's like seeing the work coming to life :)

  10. I feel guilty because, though I've heard of these movies, I've never sat down & really watched them~ I feel like Ed Wood always gets featured around Halloween... I dunno if that makes sense since I've never seen it!

  11. I've never seen that, but I guess I need to check it out soon haha! I loved Whisper of the Heart, all his movies are really relaxing.

  12. whisper of the heart and kiki do it for me all the time

  13. That poster is AWESOME. I want it.

  14. the tentacled arm blows my mind!! definitely going to check out this show this weekend!!