June 15, 2010

Nikon P100

♥ Thanks again for all the lovely birthday wishes!  Here's to the next quarter century ♥

After many years of dreaming about it, Andy and I finally sprung for a great camera {which put me over the moon!} We got the Nikon P100 - which is a fantastic entry level camera if you are in the market.

I've only used Nikons to date, and have no complaints.  If you are really into photography though, you may be disappointed that you can't change the lens.  There are a myriad of typical light settings that can be set to automatic, but the most fun part is the optional manual focus adjustment, manual f-stop, and manual shutter speed.  So if you want to get your feet wet with these kinds of  things, it's perfect for experimenting.

Andy used to be a photographer with a newspaper, so he is teaching me the ropes, since I am a total photo-rube.

So I've been going a little crazy with it ...

As you can probably tell by this myriad of aperture settings, I'm still getting the hang of it ... hope to master this thing before the wedding

I have lots more art posts planned - including the anatomy of a comic book page, how I ink my pencils, and some process work for some recently completed paintings.

As much as I try to keep this an illustration blog - I still veer off into these personal posts.
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Cool pictures! I love the crab shell and the color of your nails!

  2. Late happy b-day to you! You don't look anywhere near your age. :) Can't wait to see some info on your process.

  3. I think I missed telling you happy birthday, but I hope it was a lovely day and I look forward to more pictures with your new camera!

  4. Congrats on the new camera! Your photos look lovely! I'm drooling over all those sweet treats!


  5. PIZZELLE!!!

    Is that you holding the camera?! It IS!! YOU ARE SUCH A CUTEY MOAR SELF PHOTOS PLEASE!

    These photos are so soft and gorgeous~ I want them to fill my daydreams :)

  6. Corey Lee - I know, I had a student ask me what college I was going to next year ... "well, I actually graduated a while ago..." Haha :)

    Jenny - haha I love those cookies :) They go with every meal

  7. yeah agreed, more photos of you XD
    great photos by the way
    and thanks for saying my photos are good
    tbh im lazy
    im using a kickass camera that was set on intelligent auto, but i definitely will learn how to use it properly after my exam :D

  8. Oh, Nikon fangirls unite! I was that excited when I got my D40. Btw, is that Chanel Jade I am spotting? Also, the kitteh & the pearls, I think that's my favourite picture out of all!

  9. Aw cute myspace picture. LOL JK! Your really adorable! :D

    Yay for DSLR cameras. I can't wait to see the pictures you take! :)b

  10. Thanks for the kind words :P

    Sometimes I make myself look more mature - like on an important client meeting - so it doesn't look like they are working with a 14 year old. *sigh*

  11. gorgeous photos!
    I dream of getting a DSLR one day :) my dad has a Nikon SLR somewhere around the house. it's very heavy!

  12. Anonymous24.6.10

    You're like one of the most beautiful women on this crazy interbitch. I never say this kind of stuff to single women, and it's not meant to offend husbands either, HAHA.

    It's just a truth that doesn't hurt anyone and I hope you never find out who said this.