June 18, 2010

One of Us

Inspired by the flim "Freaks" by Tod Browning (1932) - click for larger image

This painting is off to Gallery 1988 LA along with another work for their upcoming show "Crazy 4 Cult".  I am very happy to be apart of this show, as so many artists I personally love will also be in it (APAK, 64 Colors, Yuta Onoda, etc..) 

The movie "Freaks" is really something bizarre and special - you should check it out if you haven't.  Browning hired actual circus performers with genuine deformities and disabilities to play the characters.  In the 30's, the circus was a big part of American culture - a direct inspiration for Superman! (that's why he wears tights, like a circus strongman)  The colors, the lights, the music - the circus was a big family event.

Thank God for the internet, am I right?? (kidding)

mid-way through the painting process

 The piece looked too awkward with the bright orange frame, so I subdued it a bit and brought in some darkness to even it out.


I'll be away this weekend in New York - but just for a few hours, really.  My parents are taking my youngest sister to her college orientation, and asked if I'd be interested in seeing Promises, Promises on the way.

I haven't seen a musical in probably 4 years, so it should be fun :)


  1. Okay, that artwork is awesome! I've heard of that film, but have yet to check it out. Maybe I will now. Hav you seen the Elephant man? It's really good, but depressing.

  2. Anonymous19.6.10

    The Flat Iron Building! Yay!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Lindsey :) I haven't seen that yet - but I probably should!

    ANDY it's our PLACE

  4. Love the 'toddler' smoking! ;)

    Hey! I saw the Flat Iron Building on America the Story of Us! Pretty cool, pretty cool.

  5. wicked painting ! really dig the whole atmosphere and color you created. :D

  6. Gorgeous. I'm going to have to go check it out in person.

  7. I love this piece! It's so intricate. I love the sidebars as a framing device and how you colored them. I gotta see this film!

  8. Absolutely amazing. I love the contrasts you used, the acrobat-women are my favorites. I like how you didn't used a too realistic style. It's like "what happenes behind the curtains---" kinda theme. xD

    I also have a thing for smoke.

  9. I love the care put into each character. Theres so much great things to look at!

    This would be an awesome print!!!

  10. Hope it all went well~~~!!

  11. Thanks for the kind words!

  12. totally luscious.
    i still need to view that movie!

  13. oh man the realization just sat in that I'll be walking past the Flat Iron for 1 more year and then that's it :<

    I loooooove the painting, it's brilliant ;D