June 6, 2010

Storyboards for AA Films' 'Boy Band'

A few years ago, Andy and I were contacted by AA Films to do some storyboards for their comedy "Boy Band".  Andrea and Jon were great fun to work with, and the script had us laughing before we even put pencil to note card.

BOY BAND is wacky teen comedy about a high school quarterback who quits the team his senior year to turn his heavy metal band into the first ever boy band in 1982. 

It was a great time working on the opening football scenes - there are a bunch of great jokes you'll probably see bits of in the cards above. ☛ If you are in Massachusetts, check out their New England premier!
It's not a big leap at all from comics into film production.  A comic book is basically a movie on paper, anyway, and I think most comic artists are huge film buffs for that reason.

Oh! and speaking of 1982, I recently re-watched "The Last Unicorn" on Netflix, and I have to say, I really love Mia Farrow's voice.  It's hard for me to appreciate it like I did as a kid - now I'm so disillusioned and jaded, I can see all their cut-corners to save money/animation time.  Things like re-used loops and cycles, and mis-matched cel colors.  Ah to be young and sweet again!


  1. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha oh to be ignorant of the artistic ways again & enjoy things at face value! Well, at least you had all those years before re-watching it to enjoy it through rose-colored glasses~~

    Breakin' Through?? A play on the title Breakin' 2 perhaps? Electric Boogaloo or however it's spelled haahaa

  2. I love your work! And the opening to the film looks interesting & fun. Ah yes to be young again and to enjoy the simple things. I wish for that too.

    Also thank you for visiting my blog, much appreciated.

  3. In the second line I thought it was the QB freaking out from getting his butt pat, but then I realized it was different frames. haha!

  4. HAHA Allison - your comment really made me laugh out loud

  5. I kept hearing about this movie and had NO idea what it was about. Looks pretty goofy haha! (in a good way)

  6. o.O interesting. never heard of it though. what's it... is it gonna be dumb?

  7. Anonymous8.6.10

    Haha, that looks super strange but super cult-awesomey - can't wait to see the finished result.