June 8, 2010

What to Wear for Conan O'Brien

So I was hard at work in the studio, finishing up a painting for Gallery 1988 when it struck me:

"    I'm really sad I didn't get those Conan tickets to his Boston show   "

So I hopped online, grasping at straws that there would be seats for a show that started in just 3 hours, not really expecting anything under $250 each.  It just so happens there were some "Obstructed View" tickets near the stage for $65.  After much hemming and hawing, some nice people convinced me to just go for it - so I did!

I called my sister Audra and said "What are you doing RIGHT NOW" and she said "Dance rehearsal" and I said "DON'T GO, COME WITH ME"

It was one of the highlights of this year; if you have seen his show or are going to see his show - a gold star for you - it's simply fantastic.

Each show is different; new surprise quests, different cover songs, different jokes.  It was a crazy stroke of luck that we went to the Connecticut show instead of the Boston one.  As much as  I love the architecture of the Wang Theater, it's extremely stuffy and every seat is a bajillion miles from the stage.  

And! There was no obstructed view for our seats at Mohegan Sun! None! It was open and cool, but intimate at the same time.  It was also his largest venue, so the encore was insane with singing and clapping!

When something comes up that you really want to do - do it!  Seldom do I regret these things.  (The only exception being Auntie Annie's pretzels.)

our new couch + mod chair - to compliment the orange theme
another "Let's do it" decision 

And I also set up a Tumblr - mostly of my photographs and inspirational things ♥
veronica harmonica tumblr

EDIT: // Here is a time lapse video of the show I saw this Sunday - I can even see my sister and I in there! second column from the stage on the right

video by Tom from Team Coco


  1. Cute outfit! Once again, I love your paaaaad. It's what I imagine all artists live in haha. Following you on tumblr now! Weeeeeeeeee

  2. aw lucky! he's such a funny man :) and love the shirt! hyuk hyuk!

  3. Your livingroom looks great!!

  4. Really? I think Auntie Anne's pretzels are good. :)

  5. That looks like one of those cool rooms you see in Ikea. I really dig that bare unfinished wood floor too, it's got character.

  6. That is awesome that you just went for it! Conan, the couch, ... you need to splurge on one more "C" thing though so it's a lucky 3. A cupcake maybe?

  7. Megan - once I got really sick after having an Auntie Annie's pretzel! It may not have been specifically from it - but now the association is there so I can't eat them! haha :D

    Alison - I was thinking Cointreau

  8. Hi, I just discovered your blog today, I love your style, and you're such a great illustrator ! Keep up the good work ;) xxx

  9. I didn't realize the time lapse vid I saw on their site was where you were!!!!! How cool XDDD

    You got the hair shirt! *squuuuuuuuuuueal!*

    It was so fantastic. I hate that I've been so busy since then b/c I wanna reminisce with you! XDD

  10. I love your sofa! It's so modern. I want one like that for my apartment. Off to Ikea I goooo! xD

    Glad you had fun at the show! :)

  11. Thanks for the kind words!

    Jenny - yes! Let's talk about how much we heart CoCo soon :)

    Jennifer - it was surprisingly inexpensive! really turned the place around - and getting rid of a very, god-awful rug did the trick, too ;)