June 22, 2010

You Can Help

If you are far from the Gulf Coast, like myself, there are ways you can help.
TAKE ACTION // has a compendium of resources and charities dedicated to cleaning up the Gulf.
AMERICAN BIRD CONSERVATORY // you can donate as little or as much as you can spare

And please remember; look into how your donation is spent.  Each year, charities like the National Wildlife Federation and UNICEF spend much of your donation on operational costs and fundraisers.  Take a second to research how much of your donation will reach it's intended destination.  

You can see how your charity rates, including what the CEO is paid at CharityNavigator.com


  1. Thank you for posting this! I'm actually going to the gulf in a week and a half and I'm really worried what it's going to be like :/ I keep meaning to do a post like this and forgetting, hopefully I'll remember now!

  2. this is great! it's so wonderful that artists are using their talents to help. i just finished 3 posters for a poster show that will hopefully raise some money for the fishermen in my state.

  3. This post is WIN.
    I donated already to Save Our Gulf but I feel kinda like an ass saying that b/c one can never give too much~~

  4. I hope this madness stops soon! Wish I could get down there and clean up some pelicans :/

  5. Great!

    I always felt that UNICEF was using my money for their own things.. but now I hope charities use it for cleaning up turtles :C :C oh man the turtles D:

  6. yeah thanks for the charity navigator thing

    i use to volunteer for UNICEF and it didnt feel as legit even though they are a huge organization

    i hate how money changes people

    ! yes save the turtles and ducks!

  7. This disaster makes me so sad :( It's horrible. Great post!