July 15, 2010

Galaxxxy - Sweet Streets II

I was very excited to be asking by Gallery Nucleus to contribute to their upcoming show Sweet Streets 2: Japanese Street Fashion.  When the original Sweet Streets had an ad in Juxtapoz, I was overcome with "Oh man, what a cool idea" and lo and behold, a while later, it happens.  

  More info on the show here

If this was Lin Shi's doing, I will hug her fiercely the next time I'm in LA.  Which will be the first time I'm in LA.  And I'll hug her anyway because she is awesome.
Here is the first of two pieces I'm putting in the show. I'm still working on the Mori-girl style one (wee!)

The original sketch on graph paper

If anyone is interested in purchasing the sketch, please contact me at moduslotus @ gmail dot com

I've always had an affinity for Japanese fashion, ever since buying the first volume of the collected issues of FRUiTS when I worked at a comic book store.  As much as I love and respect European style, the Japanese don't take themselves as seriously.  I don't want to embarrass Andy in public, but I'm sure when we touch down in Tokyo this October I'll do an epic happy dance.

inspiration for this piece : the brand GALAXXXY
photos courtesy of TokyoFashon.com

a collection of Japanese bath salts I've amassed over a few months - why so many? 
Because our faucet stopped working, and is stuck on "shower" mode.  *sigh* 

I was hoping this one would turn me into some kind of demon,
but instead just made me smell like peppers


I am also getting prints made of my Crazy 4 Cult pieces
- thanks to everyone who has asked about them and been so patient!
They are almost here!


  1. You can use my bathtub to smell like demon peppers next time.

  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I saw this title in my RSS reader and clicked it ecstatically! Galaxxxy really hits home since my fondness for J-fashion began from street styles~~ :)

    I look forward to the mori girl one as well!

    So many bath salts~~~!! That blows about your tub though =Y. I'm surprised you have the top right ones! I only saw those in one place on my last trip (and never online) but they smell so amazing!

  3. woooooo fruits! i used to love sitting in kinokuniya and browsing through every volume they have. fruits was also my gateway into japanese fashion ;__; it's so cool~

    i can't wait to see the mori girl one!

    LOL pepper!?? .. that's so weird.

  4. yeahhh, i hve some bath salts too from when i went to japan. i only used it once and i gve them away to my friends. not because i didnt like them but i realized i hate baths! lol

    cute sketch
    YES, FRUiTS is the thing that got me into fashion, and I attempted to do FRUiTS to school it failed..so bad.

    so i became more tame, but I think I like me now, because FRUiTS is just too intense for everyday life if you dont live in Japan.

  5. Allison - Thank you, but that may make the house smell like salsa

    Jenny, Zo, Emma - I'm curious how many people call FRUiTS their first real look into J-fashion! Probably lots!

  6. I'm in love with your illustration. You rock.

  7. Love this one. Can't wait to see the mori girl style illustration. You really have to see japanese style in person. The range of style you see on the street is just amazing.

  8. I can't wait for when I do get out of college and get a job and maybe have a place of my own because the first thing I'll do is take a nice bubble bath with some fancy smelling salts!!! I seriously don't dare use the dirty bathtub at home or at current apartment with the roommates. YESSS MY OWN TUB!!! LOL.

  9. Thanks for the kind words :)

    Thao - yes! I didn't start appreciating a relaxing bath until just last year. Used to be addicted to Mr. Bubble as a kid, though!

  10. Great work!

    When you come to Japan you will have plenty of opportunities to take baths! It's all they do here!