July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Last week Andy and I went out to lovely Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod to take some engagement photos.  Well, my print outs of photo ideas blew into the Atlantic, our camera's battery died, and the French bakery we were hoping would cater was closed the entire time.  So!

It was a great time.  It always is - no use getting down over silly things.

our only engagement photo before the Nikon died

It was a really quick trip, both of us have projects we really have to complete by the wedding so we are back in the studios working.

Cape Cod really is a cool place.  It really makes me feel like summer has arrived!  Rhododendrons blooming, eating fresh sea scallops that were literally at the bottom of the sea that same morning, and high tide freezing your feet on the hot sand.

Hope you all have a great Fourth!  We caught some fireworks last night and are going to our friend Alison's for some bison burgers with Lindsay & Alex today.  And hopefully catch "1776" on TCM (I love that musical - yeah Mr. Feeny!)


  1. Incredible flower photos! And best engagement photo EVER!

  2. You always post pictures of food, your blog always makes me so hungry! O_o

  3. What is that blueberry thing!? It looks so good.

    Sounds like you guys still had a great time regardless of the mishaps! Are you guys going still hoping to take engagement photos?

  4. I guess you have a better story to tell with that one picture that you managed to take for the engagement photo. XD

  5. Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe!! I love it.

  6. amazing photos, looks like you guys had a great time! <3

  7. Anonymous5.7.10

    Except for your lack of driving skills and your inability to make decent eggs is there nothing you can't do? The composition, design, color and lighting of your photographs is amazing-- and I'm there when you take them-- you do it in about a half a second-- these look like they were staged for hours.

  8. Thanks for the kind words!

    I'm still learning how to photograph, but it is a very addictive pastime.

    Andy - I can drive! No, I can't make eggs though, and I'm pretty bad at throwing a football. But thanks for the niceties :)

  9. DX you got 1 photo out of it, LOOOOOOOOL. something to remember at least!

    15cent candy??? Who knew THAT still existed! XD

  10. I love the photos, that hat is perfect for the 4th haha! And I have a pair of UO sunglasses similar to that, I love them!