July 28, 2010

Summer red

 berries stain your lips

I've been enjoying the summer a lot lately, mostly from my studio, but the windows are large and I've positioned the desks to face the view. The cat has made a path to crawl up and behind one of them, appearing behind my laptop and trying to sit on my typing hands. Not the best.

But summer means lots of good food - so please to enjoy our July of Good Eating

These delicious bits and lovely glassware were a gift from our dear friend, thanks, lady!

from the farmer's market in Worcester

bison burgers with Alex, Lindsay and Alison for Fourth of July

home-made iced chai

  • Prepare one hot mug of your favorite black tea (I like using Mighty Leaf)
  • Fill another mug half full with ice
  • Strain the hot tea through a strainer filled with ice into the cold mug
Mix //
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • dash of cinnamon
  • dash of brown sugar
  • skim milk - mix for frothiness

I miss BookOff!  I wish there was one in Boston.

I've also gotten really serious about studying Japanese.  When you plan something so far in advance, it suddenly hits you - "oh my goodness, I don't have a lot of time left before I have to use this stuff" so that's been happening recently.  But languages are really fascinating!

Did you know there are Inuit dialects that are dying out?  I read in the New Yorker that Eskimo languages are going extinct - and the writer went to the farthest reaches of Alaska to interview the last surviving speaker of a certain dialect and she kicked him off her property with a gun.  Wow.  

I should also be keeping up with my pigeon French from high school...

If you are looking to learn Japanese or other things - I would recommend Smart.FM - their methods have been really great so far!


  1. Trader Jacque's? Please tell me that the same as Trader Joe's because those butter biscuits look good. (I can't wait for the new Trader Joe's by my apartment to complete building!!!)

  2. Mmmm in-season fruits! nom nom nom

    hey thanks for the recipe! i wanna make this now~

    lol i'm studying french on and off using random textbooks from the library ... rosetta stone also works but the price is do not want!!! and it doesn't *really* help all that much

  3. I likey your chai recipe - I'm going to try it! Lovely photos punkin! ;)

  4. Anonymous28.7.10

    I love Smart.fm, it's the best thing I've found for studying japanese.

  5. Thao - yes! And they are good!

    Zo - I know, Rosetta Stone is just insane, I wish every library had some so you could just borrow it

    Alison - woo!

    Corey - it seriously is, thank you Emily Connor, haha

  6. I love your food photos, Veronica I really want to know what camera you're using to get such great color!


  7. now that you remind me, im going to go visit book off tomorrow, we do have one, it's very small though
    everyones posting pics of food

  8. Thank you Joan! It's actually a Nikon P100, which I thought was a DSLR but is a compact camera. Sometimes I add a dash of saturation in photoshop!

    Emma - ooh jealous

  9. Oh those glasses look like they're from Anthropologie! I love that style :D, great gift!

    I don't think I've ever had a good cup of chai, you should make me some! *harhar* Because it always looks delicious but the few times I tried it I wasn't on board & I feel I'm missing out!