July 18, 2010

Wedding Inspiration

 some inspiration boards I put together

source material : Our Labor of Love photography, Rebecca Thus Design, 100LayerCake.com

I've had weddings on the brain for the last year, which is new for me because I was convinced I'd never get married.  Ironic! 

Just 12 weeks away now ...

Amazingly, we're been invited to 3 upcoming weddings!  My dear childhood friend Amy went away to Germany right after high school (on a Fullbright, what a genius!) and is back with her husband to have a reception.  I haven't seen her in many years!  Then a week later our lovely pals Alex and Lindsay are getting hitched, and then just a day before our own wedding, Andy's nephew Rick and his longtime partner Steve are getting married (way to go, Massachusetts!) and less than 24 hours later, me and Andy say our vows.


Have I mentioned how much I love love?


  1. Ooohh! Nice inspiration board. I'm getting the summery, chill, yet fresh and romantic vibe from it! Is that what you're going for? It's fabulous! I hope everything goes great for your and Andy's big day :D

    Wowww so many weddings to go to! I hope you're not drained by the time you guys say your vows ahaha

  2. ouaaaaahhhh!!!!! so lovely! and what WHAT! YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED SOON?? congrats! hope everything goes well and lotsa love to you and your Andy <333

  3. Anonymous18.7.10


  4. It's all so nice! Are you nervous yet? Hopefully you are super excited! I hope you'll post your dress afterwards!

  5. Me thinks autumn weddings are the BOOM these days o__o!! Which I totally get why XD

    I just hope you're not too exhausted by the time you get to Japan, haahaa! Gonna be a hectic time!

  6. How exciting! I love looking at wedding pictures...Everything is just so beautiful and lovely. Hope you all have a wonderful time!

  7. Zo - Yeah it's kind of trying to keep summer in October, haha but we'll probably have seasonal stuff like apple tarts and cider

    Becca - thank you!!

    Lindsay - YESSSS

    Lindsey - haha, no not nervous! excited :)

    Jenny - hopefully will sleep a lot on the plane :/

    Thao - thank you!

  8. Oh man I love inspiration/mood board :D Love your color choices, they are bright and cheery without being loud and clashy. I'm rootin' for ya :O

  9. wow
    it seems like it's THE time to get married
    congrats to everyone!