August 4, 2010

Cameras + Print Fix

So just to update you on the print situation - Jim from Alphagraphics was super generous and offered to remake my prints for me.  I'm happy about this - because it was Jim who helped me make my Dr. Grood prints last year, and his attentiveness was excellent.  Thank you, Jim! 


There are a couple of cameras I'm pining for lately; a Golden Half and a Superheadz 35mm. I am probably going to get the Gold Superheadz camera tonight, since it is only $30 ( not bad)

Sadly I'm still having trouble getting any of my Holga 120 film to develop.  It's pretty sad.  I tape it up like crazy so no light gets in, I'm super careful advancing and removing the film, and yet every roll only yields me maybe 2 good photos.  It's frustrating. 

  My split-frame Lomo is holding up well, though. Kind of.

Did I tell you my friend Yuka is magic?  Her nickname is 'Sunshine Girl' because anywhere she goes, the weather suddenly becomes pleasant.  Cool, eh?  

She pointed me towards this Moumoon song, which must have been written about her.

( did a Goog search for Golden Half and this lovely photo by Jenny popped up by chance!
The same Jenny that sent me a sweet postcard this week - thanks, peaches!)

I'll have more nice things to post this week - including some of my work that was published in Giant Robot, but you wouldn't believe the tough time I'm having tracking one down! 

Have a great week, friends


  1. Cool pictures! I generally like the light leaks but too much can be too bad and you won't even remember what it was you wanted to keep.. ;C

  2. nice
    glad that was fixed
    Giant Robot is increasingly popular, it is pretty hard to find, but as i rmb they have a flagship in nyc right?

  3. Ah, that song is so catchy and happy! I really like that gold camera, bling bling lol.

  4. Nice gold camera! I can't wait to have a job and buy all the cameras and film I want! XD

  5. Whoa, golden Superheadz is GORGEOUS!!

    I can only imagine the Holga120 frustration. Even my Holga 135 is a biotch and doesn't yield many lovely photos. Not even blurry grainy lovely.

    OMG is that you in the bottom left of your split frame photos?? TOO CUTE XD

    Mmmm that photo of mine sorta captured this time in space that feels nostalgic to me XD

  6. Zo - I know it's like the whole thing is a giant light leak, haha

    Thao - Superheadz is really inexpensive! You should get one!

    Jenny - I think you should make a little photo book of you film photography! They are really great :D

  7. Anonymous8.8.10

    I had a similar problem with a camera I had (can't remember the name) that supposedly took 4 different photos on one piece of film. And I used it during the day so the lighting was fine. When I had them developed most of them came out black and no 4 square. :\

    Cute song! When I visit Seattle, my dad will sometimes say, "You brought LA with you!" because it'll turn sunny. :)

    And I love love love your blog!

  8. i live the pictures from your lomo! vis the film for lomos expensive? x