August 23, 2010

Drawing Naked People

my first figure drawing class in college - I believe I was 18

I got an anonymous formspring question last week that made me laugh a bit, but then think about my first experiences drawing nudes in college :

I know you won't answer this one; I'm in art school (female) and was freaked out at first about life drawing classes-- being that close to a nude was just akward! Now the idea of being the model gets me hot-- have you ever had those thoughts?

Now, this breaks down in to an interesting question for people who have never taken a figure drawing course.  When is drawing a nude sexual?  Is it sexual at all?  Is drawing an 'attractive' person a different experience than drawing an 'unattractive' person?  For me - no.

My first impression of art school was when Will Ferrel played a homeless man getting all sorts of inappropriate in a sculpture class in an early '90s SNL.

It was maybe half accurate.

In New York I had 2 classes with nudes - one drawing, one painting totaling 12 hours a week I'd look at some strangers' bid-niz.  But my teachers were so serious, to giggle at all was shameful - so it took about 4 seconds to get into scientific-mode.  I've even drawn a friend nude - not realizing that she would BE the model for that course!  It really isn't a big deal at all.

Our models were all shapes and sizes and skin tones - some fabulously beautiful, some fabulously frightening.  It was much more interesting to draw someone who had the build of a giant panda than a dancer's body.  We see images of "perfect" bodies in the media all the time - it's not new territory to explore for me.

There was one guy who would say "WELLLLLLP I'm off to lunch" and he would exit the area, put on a TINY TINY thong and walk to the lunch room.  Basically his thong was a 100x more suggestive than seeing everything.

So to answer your question, Anon - no, I have never been attracted to a model or wanted to be a model. 


  1. i think i know the dude in the bottom 2 pictures! looks like him, and he was a career nude for a while...

  2. Fantastic this drows.

  3. "Bid-niz" - HAHA! I think drawing nudes is so technically challenging that any potential for attraction is completely negated. And for the model, it seems like it would be physically difficult and painfully boring to hold a pose. Veronica - those are beautful sketches btw!

  4. Jacob - yeah I think his name is Shaheen! He's a nice guy. He basically got nude like 4 seconds into the session.

    Alison - I agree!

    Thanks for the kind words!

  5. hahahaha
    yeah i guess that comes with being an artist huh

  6. The sketches are beautiful!

  7. How interesting. I guess you know you're mature when you can draw nudes without giggling. XD

    LOL @ the thong guy. Just too funny.

  8. 18?!?!?! My god, you're so good.

  9. thanks for the kind words!

    Thao - it was leopard print

    Chica - there were many many bad ones haha

  10. hey veronica!! i'm back to blogging !! not just tumblr-ing anymore haha.

    anyways, i'm still SOOO amazed by your works -- no matter what you do, all your drawings/art are simply beautiful and creative.

    i remember you saying (on twitter? tumblr? i forget) that you're going to be at Comic Con next year --- i'm going next year! hopefully i'll be able to meet you!!

    anyways talk to you soon !!! :D :D

  11. These are beautiful, we were doing figure drawing today but i guess someone talked to the teacher before hand because our model was not nude at all!! Ive seen nudes and been more *BOO GROSS!* then *oooh sexy* especially since a lot were like oooooold dudes that feel a sleep.

    in fact ive NEVER been turned on at all DX

  12. love the lady at the bottom, so pretty

  13. Anonymous29.12.11

    My wife has posed nude for a drawing for me - she was drawn by a friend and she looks fabulous.

    Is it sexually attractive - yes.