August 8, 2010

Giant Robot Magazine

My good buddy Pete contacted me to say that Gallery Nucleus used my image for an ad in the latest issue of Giant Robot Magazine.  I am very excited!  Thanks, Pete!

If you are in the LA area this fall - please go check out SWEET STREETS 2: The Art of Japanese Fashion!  So many of my favorite working artists are in this show; and it's definitely even more cool since 6% DokiDoki is a sponsor.

You can see the original artwork here on this previous post.

My grandparents in Iowa sent me a lovely wedding gift of amber beads.  They seem very flapper to me - they are super long, even when I wrapped them around my neck two times over

I can't help but wonder when they were made - possibly 80 years ago?  I really love them!  

Andy and I had a really nice weekend.  We are still working in our studios upwards of 12 hours a day, but we took a break to grab some oatmeal whoopie pies, iced chai and walk around a vintage clothing store.

I found a great long cardigan in the men's section (I dig menswear) and picked it up.  Maybe I'll do another series of "What to Wear" sketches!  Sorry I haven't kept up with that - so little time lately!


  1. WOW! Congrats on scoring the Giant Robot ad! It looks GORGEOUS!

  2. That's great that they used your artwork! They even designed around it very complimentary ;)

    Love your necklace!!! I have no idea why but it reminds me of That 70's Show.. which is a good thing because that show is hilarious! Maybe it's 'cuz Fez wears orange pants haha.

    Haha sometimes all I ever want to wear is menswear.

  3. That looks pretty sweet in print!

  4. Congratulations!! Looks great!

  5. congrats on the giant robot spot!

    in a sick twist of fate and youth i will always think of jurassic park when amber comes up.... it's so beautiful though! damn you crichton!

  6. Waaaaaa I recognize it immediately!!

    The necklace wedding gift is so lovely. They really capture the OCTOBER feel I think too!

    Mmmm oatmeal whoopie pies! From Trader Joe's by any chance?! They have the carrot cake whoopie pies that I inhale upon sight!

  7. Congratulations! Your drawing is so beautiful!

    The necklace is gorgeous!

  8. How wonderful! I love Giant Robot! Congrats :)

  9. Thanks for the kind words!

    Hilary - OMG I know, with all the DNA needed to build an empire in one bug in one amber crystal on one dudes' walking stick

    Jenny - local bakery actually! vegan!

  10. That must be a nice feeling to see your artwork unexpectedly like that. Congrats!

  11. such a cute top!! the necklace really keeps the attention there :D

    and congrats! must feel soooo awesome to have something published each time :D with your name! congrats :D:D:D and i wish i were in LA so i could check it out, seems like my type of art :D

  12. Congrats on Giant Robot!!

    That is a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet necklace by the way!!
    rock that!!

  13. cooool congrats
    kid robot is pretty cool