August 1, 2010

Sketch + Rant

sketches of my students, my mother's dance students and our cat

Had a lot of trouble with finding a good printer - so I've decided just to get a really great machine for myself!  I've been told Epsons and Cannons are the two top models to look for when making art prints, so if anyone has experience with these - feel free to drop some knowledge on me.

I had a good experience with Alphagraphics in Worcester a few months ago, so I went back to get 2 very important prints done.  I don't know who helped me the first time, two gentlemen, but I really miss them.  This time, I walked in to a completely empty place - like walk out with their Mac empty5 people walked by me before finding out if I was being helped.

I explained that I needed very high quality art prints, on super matte, thick stock paper.  The paper sample was okay, but I got the feeling they weren't really getting me, and the attitude was kind of like "Okay, is this for your band?"  I left a really uneasy.

I come back a few days later and they prints are dark like inkstains.  I mean, unacceptably dark.  I ask if I could possibly get them lightened up and they informed me "Whatever file we get is how it prints".  The End.

What?!  No - the way it works is that I buy a proof from you - ask for adjustments and you make me a nice effing print.  But apparently I should have insisted on a proof because it wasn't even an option.

Basically I spent $50 on totally useless prints, and made my customers wait another week until I got the corrected prints back - customers who patiently waited a month for me to get them ready, and now I am absolutely terrified the quality isn't there for them.

If I am going to sell prints of my work, I want them to be stellar - it needs to speak well of my work, and I refuse to spend another penny on bad prints.
Been a really long week, working every day, so here are somethings that made me smile despite it:

What on EARTH is this creepy nonsense?!


  1. That's infuriating! A great printer will pay for itself. DO IT. You don't need the frustration.

  2. We have giant Canons at Blick, and I've honestly never seen more beautiful prints in my life, even with all the stupidbright colors I put in my work. It does them justice every time. You deserve it, lady!

  3. Pretty sketches as always, my dear!

    I've also been told that Epsons and Canons are great art printers but I've never had experience with them because they're tres expensive. BUUUTTTT, my friend has an aunt that owns one of the Canons and she says it's amazing but the ink is also tres expensive. Hm~

    Those magic animals have creepy blank stares D:

  4. Anonymous2.8.10

    Epson and Canon are racing, and Canon costs more. HP are newbies.

    It's also a matter of how easy it is to get the cartridges. More places, more bargaining. Epson on average is much cheaper by the ml and spotted more often on the Amazon-tip.

    24" will be an immediate investment for myself as soon as I get the money yummy.

    I think that's it, but my e-mail's staying open if you want to send a poetic super jab for the tko.


  5. what a nice sketch!

  6. Thanks for the input, guys - I'm definitely going to look at some options.

  7. Wish I had some advice. Mike might know if you had specific models/formats you're looking into? Shoot me an email if you'd like!

    LOL are those kids books? I'd totally read Magic Kitten whatever the crap that means, haahaa!

  8. Anonymous2.8.10

    Magic kitten my love..

  9. nice sketch! Canon are great!

  10. sorry that happened
    @_____@ maybe you can find a better print place soon

  11. Anonymous3.8.10


    That is seriously uncool!

    Bad customer service and horrible prints! Definitely uncool. Like, massively uncool.

    But yes, Cannon-equips are pretty - a little on the exxy and "I can break it like a break dancer on the dance floor" but maybe that's because I'm brutal with my printers.



  12. I love that third page with the type and the children's heads!!!

    I got a Cannon Pro 9000 myself, well its outdated but it prints really high quality! Like the Mantracker print I sent you!

  13. Juan! I was going to ask you who you used - your prints were stellar!!