August 13, 2010

Weekly Dig + 35 mm


It's been a really busy week again, and I wanted to get some more posts in - but here it is already Friday! THE 13TH -- oohweeooh

Tak Toyoshima - creator of the great "Secret Asian Man" comic and editor for the Boston Weekly Dig contacted me to use an image on the cover of this week's issue.  Wow - for something specific as Harajuku fashion, this illo is certainly getting around! (go fig)

I have been lucky enough to have this image run along side Scott Pilgrim news in two different publications now - which is super awesome. 

After teaching a double header of classes at the Worcester Art Museum, Andy and I drove out to Orient Heights in East Boston to teach a workshop at the library there.  It just so happened one of our favorite restaurants in the city was literally across the street.  El Paisa!    

We always get patacon con todo and split it - since it comes with rice, chicken, salad, beans + homemade salsa and guacamole.  You should go!

patacon con todo is Spanish for 
"fried plantain with everything"

My gold Harikin camera came from today! 
Very excited to start taking pictures with it!


  1. congrats on the publication!


    Can't wait to see your pictures developed!

  3. Congrats! And have fun with the camera! I just got my first lomo camera and I'm so excited to take pictures with it.

  4. Anonymous15.8.10

    Congrats on the awesome publications! :D

    I'm sure it'll be popping up all over the shop too! LOVE IT!

    Ooo - If you're making prints of this, I'M SO IN!

  5. Thanks for the kind words!

    Jane - yes I think I'll make prints of this after the show opens!

  6. Your artwork is so inspiring and amazing and so is scott pilgrim, I an currently loving your blog to bits!