August 26, 2010

A Serious Girl

I watched this amazing documentary a few days ago about comics during the Great Depression.  In a still frame, there is a girl in menswear at a corner newsstand looking very determined.  It was a sepia photo, so I tried to sketch her if she was in bright color. (Lindsay, I think she looks a bit like Caroline, no?) Even so, this drawing kind of freaks me out.

Last week I zipped out of the museum to drive to Cape Cod for my friend's wedding, and this Saturday I'll be going to another wedding!  So along with finishing up the last of the graphic novel - it's been phenomenally busy here in the studio.  But I promise I'll have lots of updates soon enough and a new blog look. 

Allie Oop doesn't like the summer heat


Some nice questions I received this weekend 
you've got so much cool stuff in your studio, does your partner share your space?

Thanks! yes, it is over run with Batman toys, art books and canvases. We actually have our own little studios. Andy likes to work messy and I need a clean space, so we separated to not drive each other bonkers!  We spent the summer last year cleaning and rearranging the apartment to fit the both of our work spaces!

Are you changing your name after the wedding or hyphenating or what?

Haha I have thought this over, and think Veronica Lane Hebard-Fish would be super weird, as is my last name in general.  I like the sound of Veronica Fish so pretty sure I'm taking Andy's name.
hajimashite....any advice on how to get into freelance illustration as a real job? I draw everyday but can't seem to break through and make it my career. It is my life's dream and I love to create. domo arigato gozaimasu, Biru Korigan 
Be a business man! It's hard, but even if you are a great artist you need to be a great promoter. Send your work to your favorite art magazines, call art directors, send postcards to publishers, promote yourself with an art blog or on illustration websites.  If you do it for a whole year and get nothing - try getting an agent.

Devote a whole day each week to the business side of your art and you will make it! It's scary, but you can do it!


  1. Can't wait to see your new blog look!

  2. Poor Allie-oop! She looks pooped! ;-)

  3. busy, busy, busy! but i bet you're having fun :)

  4. Alison - she is so tired from trying to get us to play with her 24/7 haha