September 22, 2010

Back Bay

my parents old digs in Boston's Back Bay - still the same from the 70s

My mom recently showed me her old neighborhood in Boston when she and my dad were newlyweds

Right now I'm struggling through a series of paintings.  I guess it's hard for me to focus on anything but the wedding. 

I've completely redone my portfolio site, have a new design for this blog in place and made a web-store, but now it's time to create off of the laptop and I just can't.

I was so thrilled when Gallery 1988 San Francisco asked me last month if I'd be interested in being in a 4-woman show to close out their last season - before they move to a new space near Los Angeles.  I immediately set to work, doing sketch after sketch of new ideas, mostly in colored pencil. 

Now as I get ready to transfer these little sketches into paintings - I'm hitting a wall.  I can't seem to get my hand to work right.  Everything I make seems awkward and rushed.  

The hard part is, they need to bump the show from February 2011 to November 2010 - which means when I'm back from the honeymoon I'll have 2 weeks to paint 8 pieces!  

So I don't know what's wrong with me, but I have to get my fires stoked and at least make some progress before October.


  1. If anyone can do it, YOU can! You are the Wonder Woman of the arts!! I know you will hit your stride. And I'll happily take you out for an inspirational drink if you think it would help!:)

  2. You're so kind Alison!!

  3. Gambatte yo - you can do it!
    I just saw on your Twitter account that you were feeling more inspired - HUZZAH!

    /HIGH SIX!


  4. Sometimes it's good to take some time off and come back to something later...but that may not be an option right now....

  5. Ooh, it looks like such a nice neighborhood! Is that your bag (with the white headphones)? I love it!

  6. Thanks for the kind words!

    Yes, that's my bag, Lindsey! It's old and dirty since it's from a thrift store, but i guess it's chic now that saddle bags are in

  7. That's a really huge bump. I'm sure you're not alone in the sudden rushness. I suppose the other artists are feeling the same frustrations.