September 4, 2010

Lindsay + Alex

Sudbury, MA 8.28.2010

If you have seen Baman + Piderman on YouTube or featured on G4's Attack of the Show - you already know Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera.  They are dear friends of ours, (who also animated our wedding card! sweet!) and we were so happy to see them tie the knot.  (Literally - Celtic tradition n' whatnot)

celtic knot ceremony



  1. those pinwheels are adorable!!!
    i've never been to a wedding like i said
    but it looks like a lot of fun
    great pics :D

  2. Oh wow! The pinwheels are a great touch! Did they also design their own wedding invitations? Totally brilliant!

  3. Actually Zo - I made their invitations! I'll post that artwork next :D

  4. Woah, from what I can see, her gown is gorgeous! And I like the minty green bridesmaid dresses!

  5. OMG, I love the paper goods! All too cute! The pinwheels are just adorable. The "Yay" sign is so funny. And the programs are definitely handy! Lol.